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Spring Home Makeover with Loft Beds by ZooStores.com


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Recently I’ve noticed how cluttered Emma’s room has become. It seems that there is a perpetual mess and there never seems to be a place or room for things. I had the bright idea that a loft bed might be the answer. Because she’s only five, I didn’t want a full size one… just one of the cute low loft beds that comes to about my shoulders. After a little searching I found zoostores.com.


The bed arrived in three fairly large and heavy boxes. Emma had been waiting for what seemed like ages for a “special” bed and she was grinning ear to ear. Because of the situation with my Dad, I was unable to be there when the bed was assembled but Kaytlin took some nice photos for me!


I’m slightly embarrassed to show these to the world, but here’s Emma’s messy room complete with toys hanging from everywhere and everything feeling a bit out of place.


So they began. The bed was in the garage, three flights down from Emma’s room. They decided to take them up a piece at a time rather than risk dropping and damaging something… the boxes were h e a v y.


I was told the assembly process really wasn’t as hard as I had thought it would be. The frame of the bed went up rather quickly and then they got to work on the slats. We did have a damaged railing that had a rather significant crack in it, but after a conversation with ZooStores we had a replacement piece within a week.


The kids had been kept out of the room the entire morning as Kaytlin and Jason assembled the loft. Emma almost couldn’t contain herself. After Kaytlin cleaned up the room a bit she snapped these photos for us.




Besides the fact her room glows pink no matter how you take the photo, there is a huge significant difference! Just raising her bed to make room for some play room made all the difference in the world.


But what did Emma think of it?


Emma adored… and still adores her new loft bed! She’s had it up for over a month now and from day one she had asked to take a nap. She will pretend yawn and say “I think I’m tired.”. It’s adorable!

Our thoughts on the bed. My husband mentioned several times how thankful he was that a second set of slats were sent with our loft. Apparently the original set that comes with the bed leaves large spaces … so less support. As you can see in the photo above, the new slats they sent were close together and provide quite a bit of support. My husband weighs about 175 and has not had a problem climbing onto the bed when needed. We do make a point to not climb in there unneeded, which makes me a little sad as I used to cuddle a bit with Emma at bedtime. The smile on her face makes it worth it though and I get my snuggles before she climbs up.

The main construction of the bed is good and with the replacement railing we are good to go for several more years. We do wish that when Lea designed this bed they would have put a little extra support in the front railing. It bows a bit when wiggled, but again it’s not designed to take on a ton of weight. It’s there to keep Emma from rolling out of bed, and it has.

Unfortunately zoostores.com does not carry this particular model of loft anymore. BUT, they do have many similar lofts. Just look how adorable these are!

Screen shot 2012-04-01 at 3.39.15 PM   Screen shot 2012-04-01 at 3.48.02 PM

This isn’t the only improvement we made to Emma’s room for the Spring Home Makeover… so stay tuned!

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  1. Mimi says

    Oh my goodness, I LOVE that loft bed! It gives so much more room for all the toys and other things. If I were your daughter I’d be thrilled, too! My oldest son could use something like this!

  2. brett says

    super cute!! the giant dora kind of creeps me out. LMAO

    i love that bed. love the white. is she so happy?

  3. Karen says

    I love that bed! My boys have bunk beds and they love them!! Great review!

  4. Johnny Curtis says

    Great guides and photos for starting moms and dads. The mini houses and double decks are similar to inflatable bounce houses and other kid play toys.

  5. Rebecca Parsons says

    This is a great site and they have super cute furniture. I really like their loft beds. In my house with 4 kids it is a bit crowded and they would love to have their own space.

  6. Erin Rok says

    what a beautiful transformation, you guys really did a great job!

  7. Carolyn Ann Colley (Griffith, Smith) says

    I love the bunk bed with the slide, it’s so cute.

  8. Irma Hernandez says

    I like that this bed gives you that extra room for playing time and storing toys.

  9. How cute is that! I love it. It just saves so much room.

  10. Marysa says

    Love this! It’s like the best of both worlds. My daughter has been begging me for a bunk bed, but it feels like wasted space. This would be great

  11. What an awesome little bed! It gives her much more room too! I love it.

  12. Mary Ann Knox says

    Oh wow! I totally need to do this in my daughter’s room! She has a kitchen, a shef, and various other large items that just make her room feel cluttered.

  13. Pamela Halligan says

    I would like to get a loft bed for when my niece or nephew spend the night.

  14. courtney b says

    wow what an improvement! gorgeous bed!

  15. jamie braun says

    WOW! these are super cool! im in love with the little house one! i want!

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