Spooky Glow Jars Halloween Craft

 Spooky Glow Jars Halloween Craft

My kids have been begging me to start picking out their costumes for Halloween. September just began, but they are already excited for fall.

So for this post, I thought I’d give you a couple of ideas of quick, fun and creative ways to create a “spooky jar”.


Above is the jar I made. I must say, this is the first time I’ve attempted this craft and I learned a few important things that I will share at the conclusion of the instructions.


For the jar above, I purchased a “mason jar”, glow sticks, and a foam stamp kit from my local Dollar Tree. I already had the white craft paint on hand. The stamp kit is reusable as is the paint.


I tried dipping the stamps into the paint, but they got too much on them and the ghosts looked like blobs. So I dipped my finger in the paint and spread a very thin layer onto the stamp.


The paint made the stamps slide around a little bit, but it easily wiped off with a paper towel and I applied a few more times until I was happy with them.


I then carefully clipped off the end of a glow stick and poured it into the jar. DO NOT try snipping off the other end to blow it through as it will only get on your lips and your tongue leaving a bad taste in your mouth all evening… I’m living proof of that. Be careful not to touch what comes out, also, as part of the insides of the sticks are actually glass. I emptied 3 bracelets into my jar.


Close the jar and shake like crazy! The glow from the glow sticks is supposed to last up to 8 hours (ours lasted only an hour).

*** Here is what I learned from this. ***

My husband and I decided that purchasing glow in the dark paint would have been a better choice. You won’t have to mess with the glow sticks and it will be reusable, which this is not. Just dribble or paint the insides with the paint and let dry. This is STILL a very cute project, though!



Ethan and I decided to try a similar but less messy route to a Spooky Glow Jar. You again will need a jar, glow sticks, and this time “spooky” stickers. We got ours at the Dollar Tree.


We covered the jar with scary foam spider stickers, curled up a few activated glow sticks and put on the lid.


It’s less messy, glows longer, is reusable, just as “spooky” and the kids can create freely. I also saw short strands of some Halloween colored lights that could possibly be integrated… but I like the quick and easy snap a glow stick and put it in method.

Ta Da!



  1. Lindsay Sorensen says

    What a fun simple and creative craft for the kids. Tanks for sharing this!

  2. Jean says

    What a great project! I really appreciate your sharing what worked and what didn’t and all the variations. It’s always nice to have options!

  3. Oh that is so stinking cute!! my kids would have a blast making those! And even more fun seeing them lit up!

  4. Julie Wood says

    I really liked the Spooky jar with just putting the glow sticks in the jar. It really lit up and showed the jar and the Spooky Spiders. I like all the ideas and would like to make 4 of these and put around the house.

  5. Jennifer says

    That is such a cute fun Halloween craft!!

  6. diane says

    My kids would love this…they are totally obsessed with things that glow in the dark!

  7. Tara says

    I love this idea. It stink glow sticks don’t last long, but still it looks great! And fun! Even for my teens. I see more than Halloween with this craft.

  8. Lisa says

    Those jars are totally awesome!

  9. Michelle F. says

    wow that came out so cool…Looks like you bought the jars like that.

  10. Sherri Lewis says

    Those are really cool! I am impressed….. I would never have thought up something like that. I am apparently missing the creative gene……..

  11. Christina Strapp says

    This is really neat and I think my daughter would like this.

  12. Michael Lambert says

    This would be a great project to do with my daughter. Thank you for sharing.

  13. marissa lee says

    this is so cool..going to copy this so i can have it for next year to make with my daughter.

  14. This is so cute!!! I love it! What a great idea. I never thought of emptying glow sticks out. This will be a great craft for next Halloween.

  15. Jeane Campbell says

    Grandkids are coming this weekend so I think we will do this. Like the ideas you gave at the end. Will be leaving the glow sticks whole, thank you very much! Can’t even think of getting that stuff on your tongue. Yuck.

  16. Nicole says

    This is awesome to put outside with the other Halloween décor and pumpkins on Halloween, or put a few up the walkway. Love this!

  17. Nini says

    I saw this yesterday and made one earlier this evening. It does fade away in one hour. I will try buying paint since this was just a test to get ready for Halloween night. The jars and the glow stick were a dollar each at the dollar tree. I did not know you could do the white paint, will add that to the next test. Awesome decorations. I will make like 20 and make tiny grave stone like boards and place a jar by each one of them on Halloween night

  18. Jeane Campbell says

    Yep, the grandkids are a “go” on this one. Going to give it a test run this weekend!

  19. This looks super easy and cute!

  20. Sarah L says

    Thanks for sharing your attempts at this. I like the last one best.

  21. This is so cute, it is hard to believe Halloween is almost here. I think we have to get costumes ready very soon also.

  22. Elena says

    Looks so cool! I am going to try this.

  23. Regina Wright says

    Omg this is so cool! Thanks for the idea.

  24. Julie Lundstrom says

    This looks so cool for Halloween. I love it. I am going to pin this and want to make this with my kids for Halloween.

  25. Sarah Matos says

    Definitely doing this with my girls. How easy and FUN!

  26. CR Williams says

    That does look spooky but easy to make!

  27. G K says

    These are cute! I’d love to do these for Halloween.

  28. Brandon Sparks says

    This looks so cool. I am going to have to do this with my kids this year. Thank you.

  29. Sarah L says

    Thanks for sharing your experiments and best outcomes with us. I like the glow sticks in the jar.

  30. Darlene Ysaguirre says

    Aww what a cute creative thing to do with the kiddos, only downside is it only lasting an hour. These would be cute for the porch at night.

  31. Tracie Cooper says

    My nieces are tweens and this would be the perfect girls night craft!

  32. Richard Hicks says

    This is really neat. Great project to get the kids involved.

  33. Tamra Phelps says

    Oh, wow, I wish I had seen this before Halloween. Well, I can try it next year!

  34. Karen says

    It’s barely September and we are talking about Halloween already?

    Just kidding.

    Great craft, I might try this with my kids as well!

  35. Cynthia R says

    That looks amazing, I’m amazed by how brightly it glows, great project to do with the kids.

  36. Christina A. says

    Oh…that’s a simple but cute craft idea for kids! I love that!

  37. Cynthia C says

    Looks like a fun craft to do with my nieces. Thanks for sharing.

  38. Kari M Lorz says

    So funny the things we learn making craft projects! Don’t blow on the glow stick 🙂 Good advice!

  39. Mary Gardner says

    These are so cute. My kids love glow sticks and would have fun making these.

  40. MeMe R says

    That is a really cool and cute idea for kids of many ages to do. I might give this a try next year even though we never get and trick or treaters lol.

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