Sponsored Video | Toys “R” Us is Making Wishes Come True This Holiday Season | #WishinAccomplished

Toys “R” Us is Making Wishes Come True This Holiday Season | #WishinAccomplished

This post is sponsored by Toys ‘R’ Us”

The holidays bring around a lot of emotions for me. Some good, some not so good.

I try not to stress too much about gifts, but it’s so hard not to, you know? Finding just the right present for my loved one… the “one” that will make them grin from ear to ear, or squeal with excitement.

I am filled with anticipation waiting for Christmas Day… to watch my children open the gifts I so intently picked out.

But then I remind myself that it’s not really about presents. It’s about sharing and giving of yourself… it’s about love.

The children and I try to participate in “Angel Trees”, toy drives and even clothing drives. I try my best to teach my children words of love and caring… not words like “I want” or “give me”.

I try to teach my children to give of themselves… I try to show them just how good they really do have it.

That’s why when I heard about what  Toys”R”Us did I knew I had to share.

What did they do? Let me tell you… and then I will show you!

Toys “R” Us tricked bus loads of lucky kids. They thought they were headed out for a typical field trip.

Check out how Toys”R”Us is making wishes come true this holiday season. But before you do… you might want to grab a tissue.




  1. courtney b says

    oh how fun! all kids love toys r us !:) there’s something there for everyone!

  2. Julie Wood says

    This is really cool. I really enjoyed getting to see the kids get so excited about going to Toys R Us and picking out a toy that they really liked. Great company and so many cute faces!

  3. Christine Mayfield says

    Love this! We have all our kids birthday’s around Christmas and like to teach them the importance of giving. We have so much and are blessed to be able to give and help others.

  4. Tiffany Schmidt says

    What a great video. Children’s real emotions are amazing to watch. Thanks to TRU for making children so happy!

  5. Lynn says

    I have a love-hate with the holidays as well. Some good emotions and some not so good. I’m hoping this year there are more good than not!

  6. Richard Hicks says

    So glad to see them do something special for the kids.

  7. Julie Wood says

    All the kids did not know that they were going to go to Toys R Us and when they found out they were overyjoyed! I think that this is such a wonderful thing to do and they sure got some nice gifts.

  8. Amanda Alvarado says

    Aaawww that was so sweet! Dd loves going to Toys R Us and she can never decide what she wants when it’s time to leave! 🙂

  9. courtney b says

    great cause ! what kid doesn’t love kids r us? I think I even love that place! so many awesome toys ! 🙂

  10. Tara says

    This brought tears to my eyes. We enjoy filling the Christmas Boxes and doing the Angel Tree, but what I like most is taking my son with me to help pass out gifts at the homeless shelter. For young children seeing the joy it brings others first hand really cements the reason why we do it.

  11. sandy weinstein says

    love the excited faces , how nice they get to go pick out presents at toyrus

  12. Alex T. says

    Toys r Us is really fun. It’s awesome to help needy kids out around the holidays!

  13. Carrie says

    It is so great to see companies giving back! I try to instill the importance of giving to others in my children.

  14. Seyma Shabbir says

    They have so many great programs to help families and kids! I love Toyrs R us and all they do!

  15. I loved the little boy holding the red gun – he sighed like he finally received what he had wanted his entire life. It was so sweet.

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