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In the box
Skylanders has been a popular game played by my son for a few years now. He started out with Skylanders Giants, then got Skylanders Swap Force, and now we are moving onto the New Skylanders Trap Team.

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Skylanders has continued their story of the evil Kaos. Kaos has freed all the villains in Skylands from the Cloudcracker Prison, and it’s now up to you to travel and explore the Skylands and find all the escaped villains. Then using the Traptanium, a magic material that can harness the power of the elements, you are to find and trap the evil villain and bring out the good in each of them.

Out of the box
With the Skylanders Trap Team starter pack for the PS3 you will receive two characters, Food Fight and Snap shot, 2 element trapping crystals, water trap and a life trap, the Traptanium Portal and the video game itself.
The Portal has a transparent floor and a surrounding ring that glows in a range of colors. In the front of the portal is the hole for the trapping crystal to be placed when needed.

Snap Shot
On your adventure through Skylands you will come across some elemental gates that only your trap masters can open. As I mentioned the starter pack comes with a trap master, Snap Shot, which is from the water element, so therefore you can only open the water element gates.

When you come across a different element gate you will need to purchase new trap masters to unlock the corresponding element gate. However you don’t need to unlock all the gates to continue on your game.

Behind the gates you will find unique items, battles, quests, and challenges.

Trapping Crystal
When you come across a villain and defeat him you will be prompted to place the appropriate element crystal into the crystal slot on the portal. The crystal will magically capture the evil villain. With the crystal in place you now have the choice to bring the villain back to the Skylands and use him for good as he now fights for  you.

“Capture Evil, Unleash Good” If you don’t have the appropriate element crystal to trap a villain you can still claim them for a bounty, just not trap them. They will wait in a villain vault until you are able to unlock them later down the road once you have purchased more crystals.
Trapping Crystals and holder
There are over 40 villains to collect, don’t worry you don’t need a crystal for each villain. If you already have a villain trapped in the element crystal you need you can still capture the matching villain for that element group in the crystal and pick which villain you want to keep and use and which one you want to send to the villain vault.

The Portal has a built in speaker for fun sound effects and built in lights, it makes the crystal seem magical when you now hear someone talking within the crystal.

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If you have purchased Skylanders from the previous games, you will be happy to know that you can still use them to help you battle, however they can not unlock any gates or trap any villains using the Skylanders from previous games.

There are over 50 new Skylanders to collect, as you play with each one you are growing your character and levelling them up on the go. My son gets excited every time one of his characters gets upgraded, he is hooked.

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I have enjoyed seeing my son get excited every year for the past 3 years when he hears that there is a new Skylanders coming out. However I do wish that, as a parent, we didn’t need to continue to cough out more money with each new game.

The story and graphics are great for the younger and older audiences, as my husband enjoys playing with my 6 year old son. A positive side to having other characters to purchase is when the game starts to lose my son’s interest, I would bring out a new character and the game is like new all over again.

When your stuck for a gift idea you can’t go wrong with a new crystal or character. Skylander Trap Team is available for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo 3DS and now introducing a Starter Pack that supports iPad, Kindle Fire, and Android tablets.

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Head on over to where you can see and meet all the new characters for the Skylanders Trap Team, and purchase Skylanders Trap Team for the gamer in your life.


  1. Nicole says

    My nephew loves SkyLanders, he has a ton of the figurines and he would love this, would make a great Christmas gift!

  2. Sarah L says

    Interesting (and pricey) way of integrating an online game and real characters.


    I will have to tell my nephew about this game. He loves them all!

  4. I have heard a lot of fun things about Skylanders. I am sure my Wii U loving kids would really get a kick out of adding Skylanders to their gaming lineup.

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