Teaching Our Children to #ShareAMeal

I recently shared with you the staggering statistics… 16 million children under 18 years old live in “food insecure” households which means they don’t know where – or when – their next meal will be.

Staggering. Heartbreaking. Unacceptable.

We live in a land of plenty. Excess really. Yet there are young innocent children going to bed hungry.

I had a discussion with Emma recently about this.


She immediately wanted to help.

Emma and I spent some time sorting through our cabinet and pantry.


I am a planner. I tend to shop sales and stock pile when I can.

We have more than plenty.

That is why we decided to pack a box or two to donate to a local food pantry.

I’m sure that many of you reading this have a few extra items in your pantry as well.

Heck, even an extra jar of peanut butter could help fill a tiny belly tonight.


We found a couple of boxes worth of food that we could share.

It made Emma feel good to think that the several items we put in these boxes would make several meals for families that might otherwise not have enough.

We intend to do more, as well.

We are going to check the Sunday November 16, 2014 newspaper for the Unilever “You Buy One, We Give One” coupons. When you redeem the coupon, Unilever will donate one meal to Feeding America!

How painless is that!?

With your help, Unilever and Feeding America’s Project Sunlight can help turn the table on child hunger.

Do you have more than enough and would like to donate to a local food bank?

Use Feeding America’s online Food Bank Locator tool to get in touch with a food bank in your area to see how you can help #ShareAMeal.


  1. shelly peterson says

    That is so sweet of her to want to help! Good job Emma! Thank you for letting us know about the upcoming coupon, I will be watching for it.

  2. We donated produce from our garden every single summer. We produce so much and I’ve always thought it’s a mandatory lesson for the kids!

  3. Laurel O. says

    The facts are pretty devastating and it is so important to teach or kids about compassion and giving/sharing, especially with those in need. We can’t just do this through mere words, but proving what we say by our actions. My boys’ preschool just hosted a pantry collection and we were happy to participate.

  4. Sandy Cain says

    So important to teach our kids early the value of giving back! I see such selfish kids in my neighborhood – you are a great mom, to instill compassion and responsibility in Emma. We are all sisters and brothers and are responsible for each other!

  5. Dandi D says

    It’s such a great things to teach your kids. We always have more than enough produce in the garden, and I often take our extras to the local charity house.

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