Seven of the Best Toys for Getting Kids Playing Outdoors

Seven of the Best Toys for Getting Kids Playing Outdoors

With so many screens vying for kids’ attention, it’s no surprise that outdoor activity is on the decline among children. It’s reached the point that kids spend less time outdoors than prisoners. A survey from Unilever asked 12,000 parents about their children’s outdoor play. The survey revealed that children only spend about an hour a day outside.

The health concerns over children’s lack of physical activity are growing by the day. Obesity and type 2 diabetes rates are at record highs, which have the potential to impact children for the rest of their lives. Worse still, 78% of parents involved in the Unilever survey said their kids refuse to participate in activities that don’t involve some type of technology.

Explore the joy of outdoor play with a diverse range of toys, which is crucial for those seeking online antique toys. This insightful article emphasizes the importance of engaging in outdoor activities, offering a selection of toys that promise hours of imaginative and active play, fostering both physical health and creativity in children.

Getting kids to step away from the screens and into the sunshine outside isn’t always easy. Sometimes it just takes the right outdoor toys (like the ones below) to get them interested.

RC Helicopters

I challenge you to find a kid that doesn’t want to play with a remote helicopter when they see it in action. An RC helicopter is a good way to divert their attention away from screens while still giving them that technology component. Bonus – RC helicopters are an outdoors-only toy. If they want to play with it they’ll have to go outside.

When you’re shopping for RC helicopters, the cheapest option isn’t always the best. If you want the toy to last more than one day it needs to have solid construction. The Protocol RC helicopters for sale online are tough enough to handle the inevitable crashes, but they’re still affordable.


Older kids that used to play with RC helicopters may be more interested in drones these days. The craze for these remote control aircraft has reached epic proportions. Kids and adults alike can’t seem to get enough of drones once they start flying them.

If your kid is the creative type, strap a GoPro camera onto the drone. The camera will pick up footage that your child can then edit to create fun videos.


A simple piece of chalk can give kids hours of entertainment outdoors. Few children will pass up the opportunity to make their mark on the driveway, sidewalk and street. They can get artistic or use the chalk to draw out games like hop scotch.


Another simple toy that’s enjoyed outdoors is bubbles. Little kids can spend hours blowing bubbles and popping them. A standard issue bottle is enough to get capture their attention, but going the extra mile with oversized wands or bubble-shooting guns will really encourage them to get outside.


Even kids who aren’t psyched about an overnight camping trip can have a lot of fun in a tent that’s pitched in the backyard. It’s a great way to get your bookworm outside since the tent is like a makeshift reading nook.


Kids below the age of 10 still enjoy a day at the park, with or without screens. Bring the playground to your backyard with a playset and your kids will be encouraged to keep playing at home. Traditional playsets include a slide and a few swings, but some designs can be expanded to include other play equipment.

Outdoor playsets can be pricy. Of course, nothing is more important than you’re child’s health, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend $500+ on a playset. Playsets are eventually going to be outgrown. Look for used playset other parents are selling a secondhand on Craigslist, eBay and the Nextdoor app. When possible see it in person before you buy to make sure it’s safe to use.


Riding a bike is a right of passage for a child. It gives them that first sensation of being on wheels and feeling the freedom of the road. The one caveat with this outdoor toy is safety. Kids have to understand that a helmet is an absolute must when they’re on two wheels.

Sometimes we parents have to help kids enjoy the outdoors. Many kids will have fun letting their imaginations run wild outside, but having a few fun toys always helps!


  1. Cynthia R says

    In addition to your list we do a lot with a big rubber ball and a jump rope. They love to play outside.

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