September’s Birthstone: Sapphire Jewelry Makes Great Gifts for a Reason

Nothing is more effective at making someone feel appreciated than through a gift. Despite the value or size of the gift, it’s a great way to make the recipient feel happy and cared for. Well, of course, there are so many kinds of gifts to choose from, ranging from actual items to treats such as a nice vacation.

One of the most popular choices of gifts that can melt the recipient’s heart away is jewelry. Especially for gifts made from a precious stone, a well-thought piece of jewelry will likely remind the recipient of you every time they look at it. With this being said, let’s take a look at why sapphire jewelry makes for great gifts.

The Meaning of Sapphire Jewelry 

Also called September’s Birthstone, the symbolism of sapphire is among the reasons it makes great gifts. This rare gem symbolizes royalty. It is also thought to attract prosperity, blessings, and (more) gifts. It has also been used in warding off negative energies, alongside calming the mind, strengthening intuition, and promoting spiritual clarity. Often, they are combined with other precious stones like diamonds and metals like gold or silver.

Many Types of Sapphire Jewelry 

There are various kinds of sapphire jewelry to choose from depending on the recipient, occasion, and the message you want to pass across if any. For instance, these astonishingly beautiful birthstone gems are also used to make sapphire tennis bracelets that any fan or player of the game will fall for.

Other popular options include earrings, pendants, necklaces, and even rings. The gift can also be personalized to suit the wearer’s preferences, tastes, and personality.

Occasions to Gift Sapphire Jewelry 

Sapphire jewelry pieces can be presented as gifts for many kinds of occasions. If you guessed right, a sapphire pendant or bracelet can make a thoughtful gift for a birthday celebration, especially if the recipient was born in September. However, they also are amazing when gifted during occasions like:

  • Celebrating a newborn
  • Anniversary
  • Graduation
  • Romantic occasion
  • A wedding party

Things to Consider When Purchasing Sapphire Personal Ornaments

When choosing sapphire jewelry, there are a few things to consider so you pick the perfect gift that the recipient will love and appreciate. Some of the most important considerations when purchasing sapphire include the following:

1. The four Cs of choosing a sapphire 

Here, the four Cs represent Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat.

  • Color: Start by considering what color intensity and contrast you want when picking a sapphire stone. Highly saturated stones are usually more expensive.
  • Clarity: Natural sapphires usually have inclusions, which some like to call imperfections. If the stone’s clarity is too much, it could be synthetic. However, it is best to pick a stone whose inclusions are less visible.
  • Cut: Often used for grading sapphires, the cut determines how sparkly the stone will be. Along with the cut, consider things like faceting, symmetry, and windowing.
  • Carat: This is basically the weight of the stone. Higher carats attract higher price tags since they are harder to find. On the flip side, you don’t want a stone too heavy if it’s for use on an earrings gift! Also, some carat sizes are harder to come by for certain colors, say the perfect blue.

2. Other considerations 

Just like when buying any other type of precious stone jewelry, you need to put a few more things into consideration in addition to the above. Some of these include:

  • Price versus your budget
  • The metals to complement your sapphire stone
  • The origin/source of the stone
  • Get it from a reputed dealer
  • Acquire a gem report

September’s birthstone jewelry is great for gifting in many ways. It is extremely beautiful, valuable, and symbolizes royalty. There are many options to pick from by the size, weight, cut, or color of the stone. The reasons to pick sapphire jewelry as a gift for a special person are more than just a few.


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