Sensory-Friendly Tips for Kids Who Have Trouble Sleeping 

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Sleep is important for adults and kids alike. However, if you kid is not sleeping well, you aren’t either. Kids who are having trouble sleeping wake up tired, in a bad mood, and throw tantrums out of nothing.  

In this article we are going to give you some sensory-friendly tips that can come in handy when your kid is having trouble sleeping. You can also check out these sensory toys, also known tactile toys, for babies and toddlers which can stimulate the little ones’ at least one of their five senses. Sensory toys can help improve children’s motor skill and cognitive development. 

Pressure is not always bad 

Babies are usually used to sleep wrapped in a blanket. However, once they start to grow, they tend to abandon the blankie, which can lead to sleep troubles. A simple tip for kids who are having problem sleeping is to play the Burrito game. Roll the kid in a soft blanket for a few minutes.  

Although you might think that pressure is bad, it gives them a sense of comfort and much-needed protection. Also, you can use a heavy blanket or a weighted blanket, which are even recommended for adults who have trouble sleeping.  


All of us have the need to be hugged once in a while. Kids have this need more often than we do. As you probably know, babies were used to sleep in a warmer environment when they were in the belly. Now, they had to adapt to a normal temperature, but they still need to feel the warmth. This is why kids love to be held since you warm them with your body.  

A bedding set is a perfect solution for kids who want to feel warm. Also, there are many types of stuffed animals that can warmed up and toddlers can hold them while trying to sleep. Remember that toys are not indicated for babies when they sleep. For them, you can use a warm rice pillow or a simple blanket that has been in the dryer.  


Babies love white noise because it reminds them of their time spent in your belly. Humming is ideal for toddlers. If they hear a noise that is difference or is too loud they won’t be able to fall asleep. Despite this fact, if they hear a muffled voice or a simple device like a vacuum cleaner they will fall asleep faster. 

You can place a white noise machine in their room or purchase a toy that makes white noise. There are also many white noise apps you can install on a phone or another device. But since kids will be drawn by the light of the phone, we recommend a toy or a machine instead.  


Kids love to move a lot and this might actually make them fall asleep faster. For instance, you can read them a book while holding them in your arms in a rocking chair. The warmth of your arms will make the baby feel protected and the movement will calm them down. When the kid is completely relaxed, they will fall asleep in a matter of seconds.  

Visual Stimulation 

Visual stimulation is also important. Many baby cribs come with underwater themes. This is because babies are drawn to different images. Kids love to watch flowing water, fish in aquarium, and other soothing images.  

Before bed you can play a video with fish gliding in water. Keep in mind that not all visual stimulation is good. For instance, don’t allow them to watch violent cartoons or play video games before bedtime. This type of visual stimulation has the exact opposite effect: keeping them awake. You can also use a lava lamp as a night lamp for your toddler.  


Movement, sound, visual stimulation, and warmth are critical for your little kid. When used right, all of them can calm them down and help them fall asleep faster. Also, if you leave the white noise in the background after they have fallen asleep, they will have a more restful sleep.  


  1. Howdy says

    Great tips! It’s very hectic to put a baby to sleep. since my baby is eight months now, I ensure we play during the day such that she will be tired and sleep throughout the night and It has been working for us. I’ll try these tips with my second born.

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