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Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid Encourage Mattress

Disclosure: We received product sample for review purposes only. All opinions are 100% our own.

When Kaytlin moved into the basement room she was in need of a “new” mattress. At the time, that just wasn’t in our budget. My husband and I had previously had decent luck finding inexpensive mattresses on Craigslist, and that is where we found the mattress above for her. Although it looks sound, it sagged a bit in the middle which caused her to flip flop in bed.

When Sealy asked me if I would like to gift a Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid half memory foam/half innersprings mattress to someone, I knew Kaytlin would be grateful.

About the Sealy Posturepedic®Hybrid Series

  • The Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid features a half-and-half design that delivers the cooling comfort of gel memory foam in the top half and the deep support of titanium alloy springs in the bottom half.
  • Crafted with advanced OptiCool™ gel memory foam which is more effective at removing excess heat than standard gel memory foam alone.
  • OptiCool™ is the only gel memory foam on the market to be fused with Outlast™, which is more effective at removing excess heat than standard gel memory foam alone.
  • Sealy Posturepedic® mattresses feature the exclusive CoreSupport Center™, which provides additional support where you need it most. The center third of the mattress (the area that holds the heaviest part of your body) is power-packed to maximize support and enhance durability for the life of the mattress.
  • In the bottom half of the hybrid mattress is Sealy’s patented titanium alloy Apex™ coils, a two-stage coil design which is softer at the top for comfort and firmer underneath to provide superior support. Each coil is also individually encased to minimize motion transfer between sleep partners.


The Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid gives users the ultimate mix of comfort and support. When my husband and I switched to a memory foam only bed, it took me forever to get used to not having the springy support of the coils. I would plop on the bed and expect it to give… which of course it didn’t.

The Sealy Posturepedic Hyrbid has that same springy support as a common coil mattress combined with the “hugging and supporting every curve” feature of a memory foam mattress. In my opinion this is a fabulous marriage of two of my favorite features in a mattress.

I also think Sealy should win an award for thinking of rubberizing the foundation cover. This holds sheets in place and stops the mattress from shifting, which is a problem Kaytlin complained about almost every single day.

A feature I wish our memory foam mattress had that the Sealy Hybrid has is the SolidEdge™ HD System. This gives you a solid seating edge so you can use the full surface of the bed without rolling off the side of the bed. With an improved design to enhance side-to-side stability, it increases usable sleeping space. This enables you to stretch out clear up to the edge for longer, uninterrupted sleep.


The final feature I wanted to point out on the Hybrid is the all-new, lightweight, ForeverFlex™ fabric that is stunning in contemporary styling and has best-in-class stretch properties. The result is a more enveloped, body hugging feel that is second to none. Even the deliverymen commented on how pretty, soft and inviting the mattress looked. One had to quickly remind himself not to lay on it as he was halfway into a sitting position when he remembered 🙂 .


So, enough of the features… right? You want me to get down to the nitty gritty. How did Kaytlin sleep on the new Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid?

Kaytlin has owned this bed for over four months now. I wanted to wait to post my review to see if her initial reaction would remain her overall opinion.

Here is what she had to say (over and over again throughout the past four months) in a nutshell.

Her old mattress caused her fits. She felt like she was a fish flopping out of water with all of the tossing and turning she would do in it… never getting a full nights rest.

The Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid changed how she looks at bedtime. From day one Kaytlin slept through the night. She woke up in the same position she would lay down in… her bed barely messed up when she would wake. She used to tear her bed apart during the night with all of the flopping around she would do and now she can slide right out and pull the covers up… bed made.

She is more refreshed, doesn’t have to be in bed as long and we are all much happier thanks to Sealy!


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  1. Wendy says

    That feeling of waking up in the same position you fell asleep is the BEST! Your review makes me want to curl up in a comfy bed…now!

  2. Alaina Bullock says

    This sounds perfect! We have gone through so many mattresses trying to find a decent one, and we can’t! They are way too expensive, and now we are in need of a new one bad! We both liked our memory foam one when we got it, but now, only 8 months later, it is extremely uncomfortable and would much more comfy if it had inner springs too. And this one you shared does! Hopefully, we can get one soon!

  3. You are so lucky! What a great review 🙂

  4. Wow that looks like a comfy place to sleep!!! I am in need of a new mattress, ours is getting pretty old and its not as comfortable as it once was!! I will check them out!

  5. courtney b says

    lol your old mattress looks like ours.. so old school! ha ha

  6. Michelle F. says

    what a great looking mattress.

  7. That looks and sounds like a great mattress. I need a new mattress so bad. Thanks for sharing your daughters experience with this one.

  8. My husband would definitely appreciate the Opticool. He is always complaining it’s too hot.

  9. Stan Lee says

    Good mattress contribute to a great night sleep!

  10. judy gardner says

    that looks sooo comfortable!! i really need a new mattress – wish i could afford this one!

  11. That mattress is really nice looks like you can get a great nights sleep on it.

  12. Debbie Rhoades says

    WOW! this mattress looks like just the ticket! We need a new mattress for my son and a new mattress for us, too. This sounds like something that would take care of all of our sleep problems. When I get out of bed every morning, my bed is torn to smithereens because I have tossed and turned and kicked and gotten hot and gotten cold. Thank you for your review!

  13. marissa lee says

    this sounds perfect..i need a new mattress,have to invest in one of these…looks so comfy.

  14. Alpa Ash says

    Thanks for such an awesome review i love all the features of this mattress i too love memory foam mattresses it relaxes the whole body and lets it sleep nicely especially when i have back pains i relax on my mattress for a while and get doing my other things

  15. Stephen says

    I like the Titanium coils. It is solid construction

  16. Tara says

    Oh wow, I definitely need a mattress like this! My mattress is old & so uncomfortable and I wake up every morning sore!

  17. Jenn S (FotoJennic) says

    Dont you love getting a new mattress?? Well, aside from expense. We seem to always need a new one, but we really need good support or else it sags in no time.

  18. Michelle F. says

    what a great upgrade.

  19. allison says

    I just bought one and noticed the middle, outer side, pouch out. It had been sat on in the store only a few times. It’s like there is a foam frame around the coils and it just gave way. Anyone else have this problem? I bought it because it was really comfortable.

  20. Dorothy Boucher says

    oh wow, this is something i so need.. i don’t sleep much as it is , am lucky if i sleep 4 to 5 hours in a night or a 24 hr time period..someone talked me into getting the mattress i have now and it just gives me a back ache.. so wish i didn’t buy it now,,, great review @tisonlyme143

  21. OaoChrisCollins says

    Thank you for the update! I could use an upgrade.

  22. Sue E says

    We bought two twins beds (because I like sleeping with my head up & my husband likes sleeping flat) with remote controls & the posturepedic mattresses. It changed my life!! After I had spinal surgery to remove a huge tumor, I used to sleep in a recliner, but after we got the beds, I am sleeping next to my husband again! The purchase was expensive, but well worth it!! I told my sister & she purchased one. We have had the beds 2 1/2 years now and I can still sleep in the bed. Plus there was a 20 year warranty on them.

  23. nicole dz says

    We really need a new mattress in our bedroom. The mattresses they make now-a-days look so luxurious! This looks like a dream to sleep on, I bet its like a cloud. Love the look too!

  24. Shannon says

    I really need one of these, my mattress is very old and sags and also makes me flip around in the night.

  25. Danielle D says

    This makes me want to get rid of my terribly old mattress even more! This one is beautiful too!

  26. Birdiebee says

    Wow, they are sure making some wonderful mattresses these days. What a difference from the old one to the new one. I would love to have one of these Sealy mattresses.

  27. kristi says

    Awesome review~ I really need a new matteress!! After reading your review, I am getting one!!!!

  28. Maria Iemma says

    The mattress is beautiful – I am in the market to replace our bed (over 20 years old) !!!

  29. Baz says

    Man made “memory foam” is notorious for overheating (it needs heat to mould to shape).
    Well ventilated natural latex, on a slat base is much cooler. I’m after a latex & pocket spring combination.

  30. Sarah Hayes says

    it sounds incredible. we could really use one of these bc we dont sleep well.

  31. That bed looks so comfy! I can only imagine how relaxing is to lay down on that type of bed. Investing in a pricey mattress is really worth in the long run, since we all want a full and contented sleep at night. It’s always helpful to read and search the internet for reviews first before buying. Thanks for sharing this awesome post.

  32. I need a new mattress so bad. That looks very comfortable. Sealy is a good brand.

  33. B.W. says

    A good mattress can make all the difference! I developed neck pain from my old mattress. Memory foam is really a godsend.

  34. Stephanie says

    wow thanks for the review i was looking for a new mattress to buy this will help me in finding the best one for me 🙂

  35. Yeah, Sealy is a nice brand. But this particular mattress is a masterpiece.

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