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As a little girl I had imagined (and even planned) my dream wedding. A long white flowing gown, flowers everywhere, my sister and best friends by my side. When I got a little older and had actually met the man of my dreams, I began to realize how expensive weddings really are. In the end, we decided to save our money and elope.

I still experience twinges of regret for not going through with the big planned out wedding. Mostly I just miss the fact that I didn’t get to feel like a fairy tale princess in a flowing white gown. I have thought about vow renewals, though. Our 25th wedding anniversary will be here in just a few short years. Our finances are such that we might be able to swing a small get together… just thoughts that float through my head.

I recently happened on a site that offered used wedding dresses at fantastic prices. After a little browsing I found a dress that made me gasp… long, flowing, feminine and floral. The original price paid was $1,180. Exactly one of the reasons my husband and I didn’t go through with the big wedding. Just the price of the gown can bust a modest budget! This particular gown was only $269! You are probably thinking, “Yeah, what kind of dress can you get for $269?”.


What did I tell you?! This isn’t the only deal either. I found so many I had a hard time choosing which dress to share with you!


One of the most wonderful events in your life is getting married. However, it can also be one of the most stressful, particularly when choosing your outfit. You’re in the ideal place if you require your dress quickly. Perhaps you’re having second thoughts about your chosen outfit and need to find a replacement. You can have your gown within a week if you choose one of an in-stock wedding gown that are available to ship right away. These are wedding dresses that are ready to ship to your home. 

After you’ve found the dress of your dreams, take a peek at the accessories section. There are shoes there a princess would be proud to wear, veils that sparkle and shine and so much more. I think this site is a fabulous idea and a great way to get the dress of your dreams at a price you can afford. I believe my sister in law spent more on renting a gown that some of these purchase prices! If you are a past bride and you can’t bare to box your gown up knowing it will never be enjoyed again…. you can list your gowns for sale. Help make another brides dreams come true!

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