Samsung Galaxy Note 5 | First Look | #VZWBuzz #TheNextBigThing

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 | First Look | #VZWBuzz
This post is part of the Verizon Ambassador program #vzwbuzz. All opinions are my own.


As part of the Verizon Ambassador program I am occasionally sent new phones to try out and share my thoughts on. Over the past couple of years several phones have sifted through my hands. After my testing, I have always drifted back to my first program phone, though, a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. As a multi-tasker (and a blogger) it has been the ultimate phone (phablet) for me.

When I opened the box for the Note 5 I let out an audible squeal. I had been reading the updates on the arrival of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one to try it out.


At first glance, there wasn’t a huge difference in appearance from the 3 to the 5. BUT, if you could hold one in each hand you would feel a big difference. Although the Note 5 was lighter, it felt very sturdy and well made. That is important as my phones get a workout on a daily basis. My phone is in and out of my pocket too many times to count, and on occasion is does find the ground. Sturdy is a top attribute for me.

Besides the weight difference I also noticed the center home button was larger on the Note 5. This is great for “fumble fingers” like mine that need something of size to push.


Appearance wise on the back, my Note 3 had a leather back plate which gave it a very sophisticated look and feel. The Note 5, though, was breathtaking when I turned it over. I wish the photo would do it justice. The white is a pearl and the colors it throws off are beautiful. In the end, though, I always protect my phone with a substantial case (like Otterbox), so only I know what it looks like naked.

The pens on these two devices are around the same size, which is decent. Removing them from the phone is a little different, though. On my Note 3 I had to use my fingernail to pry it out of the phone. On the Note 5 you push the spring loaded button on the top of the pen and the pen comes right out. This makes for super easy and quick access, which I love.


I love to use my phone as my go-to camera when I am out and about. Even though I do own a DSLR, I often reach for my phone… even on vacation. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has a 13-megapixel camera with a single-LED flash. The photos it produces have been valuable keepsakes for me. Check out my vacation post where all my photos were taken with the Note 3.

I was excited to see the upgrades on the Note 5. The rear camera has 16 MP, a smart OIS and real-time HDR. This means my photos will be taken in the right light. If you are a selfie lover like me, the 5MP front facing camera and 120 degree wide angle real time auto HDR will be your best friend!  Between the camera mode and the 4K video capability I won’t need to take a stand alone camera anywhere with me!

So I noticed the flash on the Note 5 was not where it is on the Note 3. There is also another little sensor under it on the Note 5. I’ve only had a few days to play with the phone, but I found that on the Samsung fitness app, S Health, it has a stress reading function. By placing my finger over the bottom sensor under the flash it was able to read my stress level… which blew me away. I will play with these fun features more and report on them in the near future.


Last but not least, the display. Although the displays are the same size, I immediately noticed a huge difference in the crispness on the Note 5. I felt that everything was a bit more vibrant and crisp.

Overall I’m extremely excited to start putting this phone through the ringer as a mom, blogger, photographer and videographer!


  1. CR Williams says

    Pretty nice I can’t wait to check them out in person!

  2. Wendy Jabkowski says

    Wow, this phone looks amazing! I have owned several Samsung phones and have been very happy with the quality especially the screen quality.

  3. I count on a phone for so much including taking a majority of my photos and a lot of social media interaction for work. Reliability of the device itself and the carrier network is absolutely crucial.

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