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I’m always open to trying out new ways to cook for my family. Variety is the spice of life, right? Anything that makes cooking easier, but yet healthy for them I’m game.In the box
I was sent the Ronco Ready Grill to review. We bbq all year round and to get that grill experience indoors sounded pretty awesome to me. If you also enjoy outdoor bbq parties, you may try the best pellet smoker for outdoor cooking.

Out of the box
Taking it out of the box there really wasn’t much for assembly, simply inserting the side panels and inserting the drip tray, that’s it, your now ready to grill.
Loading the basket
It claims to cook a frozen chicken breast in 30min or under, so I was out to put it to the test. I got a fresh out of the freezer chicken breast, 4 carrots, and 5 nugget potatoes, loaded the basket and turned the dial to 25 min. Now I wouldn’t really consider the basket to be very big, as you can see with what I put in the basket it was almost full.

Not quite finished
At 20 min. the timer dinged and I pulled the basket out, cutting into the chicken I expected it to still be very raw, but when I cut into it I was surprised to see that it was almost done.

cooked to perfection
I did put it back in for another 10 min. and cutting into it I was happy to see it was cooked perfect. There was no smoke or anything that came from the grill that would leave my kitchen all smelly either.

Plating your food
Plating your food is as easy as emptying the basket onto your plate and your ready to eat. The chicken breast was one of the most moist chicken breasts I have ever eaten. The carrots where on the crunchy side, and the potatoes I would say were just done. I would suggest using softer vegetables in the basket like asparagus.

Drip Tray
Since your food is being cooked vertically, all the fat drains out into the drip try. You are left with a much healthier way of cooking and your food isn’t sitting in it’s own fat and grease. The drip tray, the basket and the side wall inserts are all dishwasher safe, making clean up simple and easy.

Ronco Ready Grill
I would definitely recommend the Ronco Ready Grill for any bachelor or couple. As a family of 5 the basket is not big enough for me to be able to use just the ready grill to cook our entire meal. I really wish I had this before we had kids and it was just the two of us, as it’s so simple and easy to use. Load the basket and turn the timer on. You even get the grilled look on the outside as if it was grilled on the BBQ.

The Ready Grill is very compact, I would say about the size of a larger toaster, and great for counter tops.  You can purchase the Ronco Ready Grill at


  1. Sarah L says

    A nice way to grill when it’s snowing outside.

  2. I miss grilling when the weather turns cold. What a great solution!

  3. James Robert says

    Having a large family I am sure this wouldn’t work great for me either but I do like it, especially to not grill outdoors in the cold season

  4. Karen Glatt says

    This indoor grill is amazing! I like that your chicken and veges are put in the same time and they came out looking delicious and healthy because all the grease dripped out. What an awesome grill to have and use in the house!

  5. Nicole says

    Love how much stuff you can cook with this, we love grilling all year around so this would be awesome to add to our kitchen. Love it.

  6. shelly peterson says

    It’s too bad it doesn’t hold a lot of food at one time but I think it would still work for my family. This would be nice to try out.

  7. Anne says

    I’ve had a couple of those countertop contact grills, and both ended up at the thrift store–not for me. This looks like a whole new approach, though, and I like that it has a small footprint. Worth considering, for sure. Thanks for the review.

  8. Oooo -I like this …I’d love if I’d be able to grill all year round..indoors!

  9. Sarah L says

    I live alone so the small size is just right for me.

  10. For me there is nothing like food fresh from a charcoal grill, but I rely on my husband to operate the grill that has been in his family for three generations. This would make a great alternative for the many days he is too tired to cook after a long day at work.

  11. Cinddi says

    I have the previous version that was sold in the late 1970’s and it still works great. This is a new incarnation of an old appliance that worked very well. I have been using it for all these years with great results. When I think about how old mine is, it amazes me that it still works great!!!!

  12. Cindy Abel says

    My mom gave me this as a gift and we tried burgers, chicken wings and pounded flat chicken breast. Everything was good but you don’t get the actual outside grill taste, which I love. Cleanup was not bad either. I washed everything by hand, even though the instructions state the “all metallic” parts may be washed in dishwasher. After the 3rd use & wash, I was reassembling the unit and noticed rust on the wire basket at every hinge. I was very disappointed and bummed that it did not have better quality then that. I have since asked my mom to return the gift to QVC.

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