Road trippin’ USA (family vay-cay pointers)

If there was ever a country more finely attuned to the needs of the road tripping family on vacation, I’d like to hear about it – America has it all. From Route 66 rarities like stopping off to see Cadillac Ranch or the Painted Desert, or going really out of your way to places like The Grand Canyon or Mount Rushmore, there’s never a dull moment (and you’re always likely to find extra places to visit while en route).

Of course, accidents do happen when traveling by road, especially when trekking across country – see a truck accident lawyer with offices in Atlanta if you are affected. But some of us just prefer to chase the horizon in the open air, going where the wind takes us. It’s exhilarating, freeing, and full of surprises. It can also be a giant pain in the neck if you’re not prepared to travel with children. That’s why today, we’re going to look at ways to make your road-trippin’ family vay-cay that little bit less stressful…

Tablets, audiobooks, and movies

Let’s address this one right away because it’s something that we all try not to rely on but is totally fine when traveling with children. Load up your tablet with as many downloadable audiobooks and children’s movies – or even kids’ TV shows – as you can and let your child sit back and take in the entertainment. You also might want to invest in some over-ear headphones, unless you want the sound of probably one movie to drive you crazy for a week solid (I don’t know what it is, but kids find one movie they like and they keep hitting the play button!). 

You also might want to consider purchasing a portable recharger, because flat batteries are the fastest way to ensure you’ll be putting up with answering the question “are we there yet” about once every minute. 

Children’s gaming and problem solving apps

While we’re on the theme of the tablet, there are many children’s gaming and problem solving apps that can help your little one to focus their attention away from the drive time. Try to set a high score and let them battle against your achievement to see if they can beat you.

Points make prizes (a treasure hunt)

Treasure hunts are huge amounts of fun if they’re done right. To do them right, you need to print a sheet of things for your child to spot on the trip. The harder to find, the longer they’ll be silent as they stare for what they need to tick all the boxes and win a prize such as a candy bar. 

What could you include on your treasure hunt? Think small details. Really small. Somebody wearing a red baseball cap. A car with a dent in the side. Two people holding hands. A baby being carried. Five birds flying next to each other. Planes trails crossing in the sky. Once you get up to about 30, you’ve bought yourself an hour of peace and quiet!  

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