Reusable Birthday Decorations | Fun Ways to Decorate for Birthdays Time and Again

Reusable Birthday Decorations | Fun Ways to Decorate for Birthdays Time and Again

With my son Joshua’s 16th birthday coming up, I have been looking around for some fun ways to decorate that (1) won’t break the bank and (2) can be reused for my younger children’s birthdays for several more years. I like to dress the house up for all of my kids, young or old(er), just so they feel extra special on their birthday. Like every other parent, I don’t like to drop a bunch of money for each birthday. I ran across during my search and was excited at what I found.

Here are my two favorite ideas I had for reusable decorations:

*  Magic Reusable Decals : These  window signs  will cling to glass, wood, the car, or on the wall. It is made of an adhesive fabric that won’t leave residue, is weatherproof, waterproof and ultra durable. This would give me more bang for my buck because I can use it in multiple ways on different birthdays.

* Window Clings : Signazon also offers window clings that are reusable, adhere with static to glass and are easy to apply and reposition. Depending on whether you would like it viewable from outside you can choose a white background or a clear.

Screen shot 2013-03-05 at 12.59.38 PM

Once you’ve chosen your type of sign you can choose from a nice list of templates, or upload your own. I went on a Google search for balloons, found one I liked, uploaded to PicMonkey, added my words and I was done! Once saved, I went back to Signazon, uploaded my graphic and chose whether I wanted to add more to it or accept. I clicked on add more so you could see that there is a nice editor that will allow you to create just the sign you want!

So now my dilemma is should I create the generic one I can use four times a year (four kids), or create one special one for each of them with their name on it. This could be fun… time to make signage for our front yard, front door, front window … heck any place I can put one to celebrate (and embarrass) them!


This post brought to you by Signazon.


  1. Suehey De Jesús says


  2. Maria Iemma says

    I love this idea – No need to spend lots of money on decorations and then throw them out only to have to buy more the next year. Thank you for this post.

  3. Michelle Feliciano says

    wow what a great idea!

  4. Sarah says

    I love the window clings, another idea would be to chalkboard paint some cups to use to hold utensils or snacks in. You could redecorate them each time..

  5. Elena Vo says

    What a great idea, and I like that it can be reused multiple times!

  6. Pamela Halligan says

    I would rather buy reusable supplies than throwaways. Reusable products may cost a little more, but they save you money in the long run. Thanks for sharing.

  7. sandy weinstein says

    i love bday celebrations. i used to decorate for my mom’s bday as she got older. she really enjoyed it….i had fun too thinking how much she would enjoy the decorations. there are so many wonderful ideas today….instead of just using balloons.

  8. jamie braun says

    ugh, i need to start using more reusable decorations. i usually have a few, but seems I still spend a ton every year on decorations

  9. Cindy B says

    I love the idea of reusable party decorations whether for birthdays or any other event. It would be such a time saver and could be personalized by adding one or two special decorations if there’s a special person being celebrated!

  10. Priscilla Benavides says

    I recently got a sign from Signazon for my son’s birthday party but I didn’t think of making it so that it could be reused! I have four children so this would of been a smart and frugal thing to do!

  11. marissa lee says

    my mom always taught us to save the decorations from our prior birthdays so we can use it for our next one…thank you for sharing.

  12. Lyn says

    I always saved decorations to use again and if I didn’t use it, passed it along to someone else who would! Even things like extra invitations. There’s always someone who can use them. I know some of my daughter’s teachers would collect some of these things from me and pass them on to someone less fortunate that would make very good use of them!
    And is it an unwritten law that mothers love to find ways to embarrass their children? We all do it! LOL

  13. judy gardner says

    thanks for sharing! this would come in handy for my sister who has 4 kids!


  15. Hanna says

    This is a great idea- our annual birthday decorations are looking pretty tired!

  16. Crystal M. says

    I love the idea of resuing birthday items I have 3 kids!

  17. good idea, they can be so expensive.

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