Resolve Versus Black Frosting and Grease Spots | #ResolveMyStain

This is a sponsored video for Resolve that I have been compensated for & received free product for through Burst Media

I was recently sent a bottle of Resolve and asked to put it to work on my toughest stains. I had recently attended a birthday party where the birthday girl was presented with a beautiful ladybug cake. As I was wiping my son’s hands he some how wiped his face off on my shirt… complete with black frosting. I had also noticed a few “grease” stains (the mysterious kind that pop up out of nowhere after a trip through the washer/dryer) that needed attention, too.

Here is my experience…


  1. courtney b says

    grapefruit juice would be the real test! but that’s pretty impressive too!

  2. Stacey Roberson says

    I have never tried Resolve in the wash before, but we use it all the time for our carpets. With a little guy running around, we keep it quite handy and it works well.

  3. Sarah L says

    Those are hard things to get out of clothes. Looks like it worked.

  4. Julie Wood says

    Resolve really works and I have used this product and it is as Good as Oxi Clean fabric cleaner. I thought is was great getting out the Black Frosting Grease spots.

  5. Alex T. says

    I’m going to have to get some of this! For Halloween last week we had some cupcakes given to us with black frosting and needless to say we have stains after it!!

  6. Tara says

    I have used resolve for other household things, but have never tried their laundry pre-treat. Not surprised to see it works. Great products. I occasionally get those grease stains on my clothes. It is interesting to find out they are from the softener. I wonder if there is a way to prevent them altogether without eliminating the softener.

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