Refresh Your Dishes for Fall at Kohls

 Refresh Your Dishes for Fall at Kohls

A gift card was provided to purchase dishes. All opinions are my own.


I have been limping along on a set of dishes my daughter picked up for me on clearance a few years back. To be honest, they were cute… just not “me”.

With the seasons changing I thought it was a good time to refresh my dishes and go with something colorful and fun.


The Food Network Fontina 4 pc place setting caught my eye.

Made of durable stoneware they are perfect for parties and entertaining. They are also dishwasher and microwave safe, perfect for a busy family of six.


Each 4 pc place setting comes with an 11 inch dinner plate, a 9 inch salad plate, a 6 inch cereal bowl and a 12 ounce mug.


I was a bit concerned at how much purchasing six sets of this would run, but between sale price and a coupon, they were very affordable.


I love that there are six different colors. I was very tired of matchy matchy dishes and loves the fun feel of multi-colored dishes.

All of the pieces are perfect size and the plates have the little dip/indention in them my husband prefers. I get the fun feel and look of multi-colored dishes that brighten up the table and are perfect for fall!


You can purchase the Food Network Fontina plates at


  1. Nicole says

    I love the solid colors, great to incorporate these colors into all Holidays. I could create some awesome table décor with these. I love dishes I can use all year long.

  2. shelly peterson says

    I like the dish sets you chose. I really love the yellow set even though my kitchen is done in red. I sure could use a new dish set as mine is super ugly and like 25 years old.

  3. Dandi D says

    These place settings are so lovely–I especially like the red color!

  4. Laurel O. says

    I am really liking all the solid colors and they work so well together without it being busy since each place setting is a different color from the next. I especially like the dark blue dishes. I also like that you can pick and choose your preferred colors as well. This looks really nice!

  5. Birdiebee says

    I love these dishes. I would love to buy my daughter the darker blue dishes. Kohl’s has some wonderful Food Network items. I love to also buy their kitchen towels as they are bigger than other brands.

  6. Candice Hull says

    Very cool and I love that you got all different colors. I am the same way with my dishes and kitchen stuff. I get solid colors and then I can buy seasonal hand towels, place mats, table clothes, etc and switch it out every few months. It keeps it all feeling fresh. I really need some new dishes.

  7. Sarah L says

    I like the size and shape of the bowls. Hate shallow ones.

  8. Tammy S says

    I love that you went with the solid colors. I have been thinking of replacing my dishes with a solid color. I was thinking of just going with one basic color. But the way you have all the different colors looks great!

  9. Maria Iemma says

    Such pretty dishes. Kohl’s has a fantastic collection of housewares including beautiful solid color china.

  10. Jen F says

    These are very pretty dish sets!

  11. We could definitely use some new dishes, but with all of our home renovations we’ll have to wait until spring. I like that you can mix and match these sets as you see fit. I particularly like the red and tan together.

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