How to Reduce Wear and Tear on Your Family Vehicle 

How to Reduce Wear and Tear on Your Family Vehicle 


When we buy something expensive, we want it to last for a long time. Unless you’re wealthy, you can’t easily afford to buy a new vehicle any time you want. We use our cars every day to drive ourselves to work, take our children to school, run our weekly errands, and many other things. Over time, our vehicle will sustain wear and tear. 

If you’re on a tight budget, reducing vehicle wear and tear is something we should pay attention to. It would help us spend less on maintenance costs, extend the life of our vehicle, and ultimately, make our wallets happier. So, here’s a practical guide from Alpha Car Finance to help minimize wear and tear on your family vehicle.  

Warm it up 

When you hop into your car, you start the engine and drive off to your destination. One of the ways you can unintentionally cause wear and tear on your car is not allowing it enough time to warm up first. 

Allow your engine oil at least a minute to reach the right temperature and lubricate the engine’s metal components. When the weather is cold, give your car more time to warm up. Take it easy when you first start driving. Check the temperature gauge to see if the car is ready to go.  

Follow the service schedule 

The suggested way to determine when you should have your vehicle scheduled for a maintenance check is by referring to your owner’s manual. Your car’s manufacturer will usually recommend specific details like when you should change your fluids and when to have car repairs or check-ups.  

Change your fluids regularly 

Another crucial step to keep your vehicle in excellent condition is by changing your engine oil and oil filter regularly. As a guide, you can replace your engine oil anywhere between 3000 to 6000 miles.  

You can also refer to your owner’s manual to be sure. Aside from your changing your oil, you should also check the coolant and wiper fluid.  

Go easy on your brakes 

You might be all too familiar with that squealing sound when a driver steps on the brakes. That squealing sound you hear is a good indication that the brake pads are worn out. If you don’t want to wear down your brake pad sooner than expected, going easy on the brakes is the best way to go.  

Check your tires 

Taking good care of your tires is another crucial part of proper car maintenance. Remember, your tires are the only ones that are standing between you and the road you’re driving on.   

So, take a close look at your tires at least once a week. Look for any signs of deterioration, punctures, and wear, and replace them as needed. Also, make sure you have the correct tire pressure to maximize fuel efficiency and rotate your tires to extend their life.  

Don’t drive like a maniac 

Sometimes, it’s our bad driving habits that cause serious wear and tear on our beloved ride. By simply changing our bad driving habits, we can greatly help preserve our tyres, and prolong the overall life of our vehicle. When you’re on the road, avoid hitting potholes, making turns at high speeds, or just recklessly speeding.  

Clean your car 

Most of the time, our vehicle is exposed to the elements. All sorts of dirt and grime can quickly accumulate inside and out. Aside from giving the love our car deserves, cleaning it regularly can significantly increase its lifespan. 

Should you decide to sell your car in the future, you can help preserve its value by keeping it clean and well-maintained. Once sold, you can use that money to trade up to a much nicer vehicle for your family. 

These are several practical ways to help reduce the wear and tear of your vehicle. If you have other ideas for maintaining the excellent condition of your family vehicle, please share them with us so that other car owners may benefit. Leave a comment and let your thoughts be heard. 

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