Quick, Easy and Nutritious Ways of Getting Your RDAs

Eating a balanced diet doesn’t come all that easy, especially if you don’t understand how to develop nutritious recipes. Fortunately, there are additional sources of RDA vitamins and minerals. Most are accessible such as supplements, drinks, and pre-made snacks. Still, you can maximize your intake of specific nutrients by learning specifically balanced meals. 

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Yogurt Drinks

Some people choose not to consume dairy, and some aren’t able to because of lactose intolerance. However, dairy products contain microbial bacteria essential for healthy digestion. Probiotics like lactobacillus contribute to maintaining a healthy gut, and it is recommended that you consume between 250 and 500mg per day. You can take supplements, but specially formulated yogurt drinks are available. However, lactose might be present in most dairy products.

Multivitamin Microgel

Multivitamin supplements are an excellent way to increase your RDAs of specific nutrients.  Vitamins such as A, B, C and minerals like magnesium, zinc, and iron are common deficiencies in people. Deficiencies might be medical or can be a result of poor diet. Tablets and powders are standard, but microgel vitamins are a superior method of quick intake.


For a quick and easy breakfast that’s bursting with flavor and nutrients, you can make many different smoothie recipes. A blender will do a great job. However, in traditional blenders, some nutrition is lost to seeds and more intricate parts not being included. Still, more robust machines like the Nutri Ninja can use every piece of fruit or vegetable for maximum nutrition.

Protein Bars

While they may not contain multivitamins and everything you need, protein bars typically contain minerals not usually found in meats and vegetables. Nuts, seeds, and grains commonly used in protein bar recipes contain hard to come by nutrients like selenium, manganese, and phosphorus. These bars are best used as part of a varied breakfast. 

Seed and Nut Snacks

When you get hungry, it’s easy to reach for salty and sugary snacks like potato chips, chocolate bars, and candy. Unfortunately, these almost always contain extremely harmful sugars and additional chemicals that provide practically zero nutrition. Instead, you should try to replace this habit with healthy seeds and nuts such as trail mix. The content of a typical trail mix like pumpkin seeds and various nuts will provide vitamin A, folate, calcium, and Omega-3.

Balanced Recipes

The easiest way of maximizing your RDA intake is by varying your diet of fresh vegetables, grains, meats, and fish. However, the trick is knowing which recipes to make that balance out your foods. Quick, easy and nutritious recipes include whole grain sandwiches with various meat or fish fillings and whole-grain pasta dishes.

Fruit Bags

You might not eat enough fruit, but almost every fruit contains a considerable amount of your vitamin C RDA. Additionally, the sugars in fruits aren’t as harmful as processed sugar. Sugars like high fructose are found in drinks and candy. Alternatively, create fruit bags with a range of fruits such as melon, banana, and apple for your RDA of vitamin C, potassium, copper, and dietary fiber.


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