Put More Jingle In Your Pocket at Gamestop [CLOSED Giveaway]


The economy is still tight, as is your budget, but there are still gifts left on your holiday shopping list. You just happen to have a few old electronic gadgets lying around…. Gamestop wants to help you put more “Jingle in Your Pocket” this holiday season!


Gamestop’s new program allows you to bring in your old iPod, iPhone &/or iPad for some jingle in your pocket. This program is unlike many of the other programs out there… with Gamestop there is no packing, no shipping and no hassle. A store associate can tell you the value of your trade items before you commit and will give you cash or store credit right there on the spot.


Current Trade Values:

·         iPod Nano – Up to $70

·         iPod – Up to $150

·         iPhone – Up to $180

·         iPad – Up to $300


Screen shot 2011-12-11 at 9.08.39 AM

Gamestop has helped me stretch my holiday budget in other ways as well. I brought in all of our old video games the children have lost interest in or just plain old “beat” and was able to walk out with new games to put under the tree!

The associate was able to tell me on the spot how much they could give me for the game, I can veto or accept and was given store credit (with cash option) on the spot. They offered me a little more for store credit so I chose that and purchased the games. Quick, easy and it decluttered our game area!

Find a store near you and drop by Gamestop… soon!


MomSpark is giving away a $1,000 gc to Gamestop. Just share a photo of yourself trading in your iPod, iPhone &/or iPad at Gamestop to enter… go check it out!


ONE lucky OurKidsMom reader is going to win a $50 gc to Gamestop!


Simply follow the directions in the widget below. It’s that simple.


but they are still very much appreciated and adored :O)

This giveaway ended at 11:59 PM EST on December 21, 2011.

 Disclosure: This promotional sponsored post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own. I was compensated for my time investment and work on this campaign. Thanks to GameStop for providing me with a gift card to giveaway. All prizing for MSM giveaways is handled by a third party unless otherwise noted. For this reason prize fulfillment can take up to 90 days after the winners information is received.


  1. I did all my shopping online on Black Friday!

  2. I’m taking my time to rethink all purchases. I make sure I’m getting the best price on everything from toys to chocolate chips to paper towels!

  3. Debra G says

    shopping online saves money and time…ebay and Craigslist are great sites

  4. Michelle Plummer says

    Just not buying stuff we don’t need!

  5. Jenifer Lingenfelter says

    We decided this year to buy 2 or 3 gifts our kids would really enjoy instead of buying a lot of junk they don’t need.

  6. Tammy says

    I am just cutting way back on the number of gifts that everyone is getting. I usually go way overboard.

  7. Liz Terek says

    Couponing puts more jingle in our pockets

  8. Karen says

    What an awesome program! I’m saving money buy purchasing gift cards at our local Kroger store because they are giving 4x the fuel points when you purchase gift cards from them!!
    Gas is so expensive, this is a great deal.
    Thanks, Karen
    lemontart5kb at gmail dot com

  9. Claire says

    im using coupon as much as possible.

  10. Richard Morris says

    I am cutting coupons from my newspaper & stretching my dollars

  11. More jingle in my pockets…I am sticking to a budget…that is new for me! 🙂 Thank you.

  12. Beth Good says

    I research purchases online before I buy so that I know I’m getting the best price. I use coupons and discount codes.

  13. paige chandler says

    I’m sticking to the gift list. Do deviations.

  14. Lindsay S says

    I’m simply sticking to my Christmas budget and watching for sales! 😀

  15. I did all of my shopping online! Saved money, saved my sanity, and I got to drink wine while doing it!


  16. Tabitha Evans says

    i am shopping online with coupon codes.

  17. Janice Cooper says

    Sticking to my list and shopping sales only!

  18. Adrienne gordon says

    By checking for online coupons.

  19. I won so many giveaways since October that half of the presents under the Tree for my child is stuff I won. And that’s how I’m putting the jingle in my pocket! ;p

  20. Jenny Lloyd says

    i am really researching my purchases and watching out for sales and shopping online (saves gas) and i sold toys that my kids no longer play with to consignment

  21. Gayle Kay says

    I am making homemade dough salt ornaments for my students to save money. They are going to decorate them.

  22. Theresa J says

    I buy discounted presents all year long and try to make as many presents as possible.

  23. Shannon Baas says

    most of my gifts are sweepstakes wins.

  24. Krabbman says

    I have been putting more jingle in my pockets by not buying ANYTHING without researching it to death first, and searching out the best prices for the items on my list. I have easily spent 40% less and gotten 20% more than the last few years.

  25. christine jessamine says

    i am looking around constantly for good sales

  26. Mami2jcn says

    I shop cyber sales and look for coupons online.

  27. Jaclyn Reynolds says

    We are shopping sales and using coupons, every little bit helps!

  28. Deborah Wallin says

    I trimmed my shopping list, and got a lot accomplished on Black Friday.

  29. Jacqueline Griffin says

    I only buy what’s on sale these days. I know that if it’s not on sale to wait because it will probably be on sale in the future!
    Thank You!!

  30. Margaret Smith says

    We have a budget for each person on our list and are sticking to it. We’re also comparing prices, both in the sale papers and online.
    Thanks so much.

  31. Rebecca Graham says

    I downloaded the Shop Savvy app on my smartphone so that I could find out the lowest price on a particular item and who sold it.

  32. Eric Davis says

    The old fashioned way , working …

  33. heather dilena says

    I am using coupons and sales as much as possible

  34. Christina Foley says

    I’ve put more jingle in my pocket this year by shopping all year (or atleast from the summer after birthdays), shopping online with good deals/free shipping or daily deal sites, using amazon GC’s.

  35. Catie says

    I Christmas shop pretty much all year long when I find awesome deals – if you wait until the last minute, you’re gonna pay full price!

  36. catherine thomas says

    Sticking to my shopping list.

  37. Cheryl Abdelnour says

    I look at blogs, ads, buy through Ebates, and buy used games or previewed movies.

  38. Lim says

    I did indeed trade in some games at Gamestop (no systems or electronics though). I spoke to my family about giving less, and we are doing so.

  39. D Schmidt says

    I plan on doing so by using coupons as much as possible


  40. Tawnya S says

    I use coupons, buy on sale, have won a few giveaways for gifts, and got a second part time job!

  41. Victoria Russell says

    I’ve been shopping all year – so its not crazy come November!

  42. Amber says

    I’m putting more jingle in my pocket by baking for a lot of Christmas gifts

  43. Lara says

    Shop sales and use store coupons!

  44. Ellen B says

    really trying to use coupons

  45. Daisy says

    im trying to used as much coupon as possible.

  46. Taryn says

    I’m shopping smarter this year (mostly online). I’m looking out and waiting for sales instead of just getting things to get them checked off the list. I’ve even won a few things off the list too which helps a lot!

  47. Amy B says

    I’m making more handcrafted goods that are made with love!

  48. Stephanie O says

    Coupons and online deals that are not only cheaper than in store, but save me gas money!

  49. I’m using more coupons!

  50. Lauren R says

    I began shopping for Christmas in August, hitting deals early. It also gave me the opportunity to compare prices over time.
    Three kids demands it.

  51. Amber says

    Entering giveaways!! (;

  52. Donna B. says

    I’m using a lot of coupons/deal sites/rebates to get the best prices possible and stretch my dollars’ buying power.

  53. I’m working hard to watch money and get the best deals on presents for everyone!

  54. Brenda Gaines says

    shop online and only buy what’s on my list

  55. I have been collecting gift cards, credits, and cash back from sites like Mr. Rebates to use for holiday shopping! It has really put a lot of jingle in my pockets 🙂

  56. I am purchased everything online, and did not pay full price for anything.

  57. Jessie C. says

    Watch for sales and use coupons to save more

  58. Game Stop is a good place to take small children that are learning how to spend money and that not everything needs to be “new”

  59. we save money every year but Black Friday and Give Aways help.

  60. T. Lawson says

    I am shopping online through Upromise to earn money for my kids college fund.

  61. Cathy Wallace says

    I shop on line, use coupon (on and off line), and shop sales

  62. Robin Quick says

    Do not use credit cards! Use layaway. That way if an item you put on layaway goes on sale you can have the price adjusted to the sale price to save money!

  63. Michelle Washburn says

    I have put some of my clothes I no longer wear on consignment to earn a little ching, I also donated my kids clothing to local Human Services.

  64. Tiffany LaCourse says

    I am shopping clearance! and using coupons, and sticking to my budget

  65. mamabunny13 says

    Couponing, entering giveaways and just buying less.

  66. Rochelle says

    I save money during the holidays by shopping online and finding coupon codes. Thanks!

  67. Andrea D. says

    I am already done with my shopping and got free shipping on everything I bought online. (I live 1 1/2 hours away from a big city.)

  68. Betty Baez says

    im putting some jingle in my pocket from shopping black friday, cyber monday, and deal days 🙂

  69. lisa says

    coupons and sales

  70. I ask dad for money. Never mom.

  71. Laura Miller says

    I am putting more jingle my pocket by entering and hopefully winning a ton of contests!!!

  72. Annetta Stolpmann says

    I am shopping with coupons and gift cards this year to add mor Jingle this year.

  73. Thanou Thammavongsa says

    im putting more jingle in my pocket bu doing all my christmas shopping on black friday.

  74. Allison Downes says

    I shop online to save money

  75. Tina M says

    I have more jingle in my pocket this year because I am looking out for all the sales/deals and using much more coupons!

  76. Michelle C says

    i have a spreadsheet to track who I need gifts for and what my budget is. I look for good deals and make a game of coming in under budget. Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  77. Holly S. says

    I compare prices online before going to the stores and I shop with a list to keep from overspending. Thanks!

  78. Marissa Bailey says

    I saved $$ by setting a budget & sticking to it!

  79. Tanaya Syx says

    We did a lot of black friday shopping and I also found a lot of buy one get 50% off deals.

  80. crystle tellerday says

    looking for good sales

  81. Linda G. says

    I’m putting more jingle in my pocket by buying my items on sale.

  82. Amy Pullifrone says

    I have gotten so many good deals buy reading blogs..as soon as I see a good deal, I go for it. Also, ebates and other sites like that help too!!

  83. jr911 says

    I wait for sales, use coupons and ebates.com

  84. Cindy says

    I am checking online for the best prices.

  85. Renee Bruno says

    Make a list to stick to a budget and shop online to curb impulse buying

  86. edq143 says

    this is my son’s favorite store

  87. Andrea Williams says

    I use cash back programs like Ebates, look for free shipping codes, and follow a lot of blogs to get the best deals as soon as they are found!

  88. Cynthia C says

    I’m studying the ads and making sure I get the best deals.

  89. Cory says

    I’ve been using coupons and getting all the great deals.

  90. Debra Hall says

    a good breakfast

  91. Janna Johnson says

    Saving coupons till items go onsale always helps me. especially at walgreens and cvs
    thanks for a great contest! Janna Johnson http://www.feedyourpigblog.com
    jannajanna@hotmail.com janna@feedyourpig on GFC

  92. Fawn H says

    We bought a lot of our gifts on Black Friday. We also only bought the items we had budgeted for.

  93. Chelsea Saulpaugh says

    Im winning most of our gifts this year which is awesome on the budget!

  94. Jennifer B says

    I have made a list and stuck to it and started early so I can get all the sales

  95. Kerri says

    I shop sales and discount stores!

  96. Joy F says

    By using coupons and shopping for sale items only. Thanks.

  97. Robin Murphy says

    by looking for the best deals possible on everything I buy

  98. Jessica Snook says

    I’m trying to buy gifts that will be enjoyed for a long time.

  99. Serge B says

    I’m waiting for sales to buy gufts

  100. I shopped mostly online this year and saved lots

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  101. Kelly says

    I shop mainly at outlet malls, but before I head out, I gather as many coupons as I possibly can. It’s amazing the kinds of deals you can get when you take an additional 40% off outlet mall prices!

  102. Minta says

    Love, love, love gamestop would love to win this awesome giveaway. Thanks for the chance.


  103. Angella says

    We recently moved, so as we’ve slowly been unpacking, I’ve been making a HUGE for sale pile. So far we’ve sold quite a bit on Craigslist, so that put a bit of extra cash in our pockets. I also use coupons and shop the sales!

  104. Mary Calabrese says

    I’m watching the sales!

  105. Jacob LaFountaine says

    Buying on gifts on sale

  106. Denise B. says

    We really don’t spend much on Christmas. We like to keep the focus on the celebration and not making it about getting presents.

  107. Sarah Hirsch says

    by finding great deals online

  108. Lim says

    By wrapping change and checking craigslist.

  109. Rebecca Shockley says

    I’m putting more jingle in my pocket’s by shopping sales and thrift stores

  110. I’m trying to by winning sweeps & giveaways!

  111. melissa miller says

    coupons, entering blogs, and sticking to the list

  112. Jody Sisson says

    We used layaway and only bought on sale.

  113. Stacy M. says

    I look for good deals online 🙂

  114. Trasina McGahey says

    I have been trying to win the gifts here 🙂

  115. Douglas Houston says

    We all drew names this year, one name one gift

  116. Renee Gauthier Angichiodo says

    Thanks to couponning and answering surveys, most of our presents are paid for…not bad for a first year couponner……

  117. sarah shult says

    To save some money, I like to make my gifts

  118. Kyl Neusch says

    use coupons to save money!

  119. Julie Lundstrom says

    Gamestop is my home away from home with my son and his video games. I put more jingle in my pockets by doing sweepstakes and coupons.

  120. I am trying to put more jingle in my holiday by trying hard to get the best deals on all presents to ensure that we as a family don’t incur anymore debt.

  121. Sherri Burgan says

    My kids would love this card!

  122. kelley wood says

    research and coupons! i also watch the stores. if i find something cheaper i take advantage of returning the item and repurchasing it!

  123. Melanie Briggs says

    I am putting more jingle in my pocket this holdiay season

  124. Jennifer Anderson says

    by shopping around and checking prices on the gifts i am purchasing to make sure i am getting it the cheapest

  125. syndel valle says

    I’ve been doing shopping at walmart, craigslist and ebay. It’s saved me bunches this Holiday season!

  126. Ashley says

    I shop early and catch sales and clearance racks!

  127. Leslie Guenther says

    I bought ahead of time to make sure we would be able to afford Christmas this year. And I mean starting in Feb.

  128. Corinne Soto says

    i made a list of what to get everyone, and i’m sticking to it no matter what

  129. Monique Rizzo says

    I keep up on Price Adjusments and make sure I get them on things I have already bought.Thanks for the chance.

  130. Angie M says

    I shop throughout the year when things are on sale!

  131. Robyn Galloway says

    I have been buying gifts through out the year as I find various sales and deals!

  132. Kathy says

    Just being very selective about what I spend money on.

  133. charline says

    Using coupons with sales and doing a lot of comparing prices

  134. Pat B says

    I paid cash for everything which helped me think about what I was buying – no impulse shopping.

  135. I’m sticking to the needs and not the wants.

    livelovelaughwithleslieblog at gmail dot com

  136. I did my shopping online and used Ebates

  137. Jessica says

    I do a lot of online shopping and search for coupon codes/free shipping offers. Thanks for another amazing giveaway!

  138. Krystal Ramirez says

    I’m couponing and finding great deals!!!

  139. Shannon Egan says

    I save holiday money by buying all year instead of just the winter months. That way I can find awesome deals whenever they pop up, not just around the holiday!

  140. Holly Hennessy Swint says

    I have spent hardly anything on gifts because I was able to gift stuff I won in giveaways all year.

  141. Toni Allen says

    i am trying to get everything on sale, cutting down and winning some gifts

  142. Rachel Runyan says

    I started shopping early this year. I believe my first order was placed in May. Then I placed orders online on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. I even stayed up all night and went shopping on Black Friday. I shopped from 10pm Thanksgiving Day (Walmart) to 5pm Friday (Walmart-non supercenter). I’ve picked up a few things from Christmas lists from Amazon when the prices finally dropped and I signed up for the free Shopprunner promo and Amazon mom promo to get free shipping. This is the least amount that I spent in several years, but my tree is going to be packed. I even used Totsy to get a majority of my sons train sets when they were deeply discounted and I am so glad I did because no one has been able to touch those prices.

  143. Jessica Patrick says

    We draw names so we don’t buy all the adults gifts 🙂

  144. Carrie Phelps says

    I purchase only items on sale.

  145. Sherry S. says

    I entered contest and won some of my presents. I also shopped sales and used coupons when I can.

  146. Jennifer Ellis says

    I didn’t pay full price for anything and got it all before or on black friday.

  147. Paula Brown says

    I am watching and buying more things on sale

  148. Angela H says

    I watch for really good sales and buy when I think it won’t go any cheaper. Most things have gone up quite a bit in price since buying too!

    thisisme79 @ gmail dot com

  149. Sassy says

    I shop throughout the year, enter online giveaways, watch sales like a hawk, overthink every single purchase down to the “do my kids really need socks” even though they REALLLLLLLLLY need them, went out on Black Friday and fought the crowds, shopped yard sales for 2 gifts for my son, and a mixture of everything in between.

  150. Michelle Misquez says

    Shopping online…no crazy traffic, no bad weather, no long cashier lines, no grumpy customers…WINNING!

  151. Richard Breidenbach says

    Hey! My ipod is too old to trade in and doesnt work, real shame.

  152. Elise says

    RAWR!!! I love video games!!

  153. Nikki Muroski says

    I have been using more coupons!

  154. I have looked online and have found some nice items to put under the tree, I have not been able to get my kids exactly what they asked Santa for, but I know they will be excited to open a present.

  155. I put more jingle in my pocket by using coupons and buying things on sale. Also been clicking the Super Lucky Button…a lot!

  156. Elizabeth K says

    I shop online and use coupon codes.

  157. april yedinak says

    I’m putting more jingle in my pocket using ebates and coupons

  158. I price match and use coupons to save on groceries and household items.

  159. amber says

    i shop clearance sales all year logn to save money at the holidays

  160. Scott Martin says

    I am recycling.

  161. Carol Bryant says

    I am using coupons and buying items on sale.

  162. Charisse Snead says

    I’m not paying full price for anything.

  163. Jennifer Donohue says

    Coupons! Use coupons religiously!

  164. Tom says

    Price compare online

  165. Laura Creazzo says

    I am buying less gifts overall this year. The kids always get too much anyway. I am focusing on quality not quantity.

  166. Joy F says

    Coupons and only buying what is on sale.

  167. I’m checking for coupon codes before placing online orders.

  168. Lee Black says

    Shopped Black Friday and use coupons, coupons, coupons!

  169. Ruth says

    I’m saving money by using coupons and buying a lot of presents that are on sale.

  170. Liz says

    Earning extra funds with Super Points, using coupons and free shipping deal days!

  171. Cindy Ray says

    Making a list, sticking to it, finding deals, sales, and coupons 😉

    green_eyed_princesss at msn dot com

  172. Kenny F. says

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  173. Kim Kelly says

    Coupon codes online, research, gift cards, and giveaways 🙂

  174. Lindsay Sorensen says

    I trying to STICK to my budget

  175. Jessica Stewart says

    Aside from coupons and deal watching…I’m putting more jingle in y pocket by entering all your excellent giveaways

  176. Laura Wheeler says

    I have a budget for everyone on my list and stick to it! I use coupons, and actually start my Christmas shopping very early (summertime =]) so I’m not so stressed when December gets here.

  177. joni says

    I shop on-line and always use promo codes and/or free shipping. Just Google the site’s name for codes.
    dolniaks at consolidated dot net

  178. Phoenixx says

    Only buying clearance stuff and using coupons whenever possible.

  179. Kelly D says

    I am putting more jingle in my pocket by shopping the deals online and comparing prices more. This saves on gas traveling to the stores and I get some of the best prices.

  180. katfam says

    I shop online to look for deals and always hunt for coupon codes.

    • Kylie C says

      I spread my Christmas shopping out over the year to get the best deals and used tons of coupon codes.

  181. Sheridan T says

    I only buy gifts for people I truly love. I never buy presents out of sense of obligation.

  182. Ditto says

    Create a holiday budget. Draw up a list and commit to it.

  183. jenn says

    I enter alot of giveaways 🙂

  184. Martha Boismier says

    Being on a fixed income and medical bills,there’s not a whole lot of anything left over let alone money. But I did watch for sales and bought online and free shipping included for all my grand children.

  185. Martha Boismier says

    Hope I did that right

  186. polly says

    i only buy if it is on sale…never pay full price!

  187. Kiara says

    I’m using coupons to save money.

  188. Chelsea says

    I’m making sure I pick really great gifts instead of buying a bunch of random little things, and checking for coupons and sales during the season! 🙂

  189. I’m putting more jingle in my pockets this year by switching all my searching over to swagbucks and racking up amazon cards for it.

  190. kimbuckjr says

    Well, I don’t have much ‘JINGLE’ in my pocket to start with, but to keep what little ‘JINGLE’ I do have, I only shop at SALES. I even research the item(s) prior to my buying it/them. Also, I like to purchase via eBay. I’ve scored some really good deals on eBay.

  191. Sue Yandle says

    my grand kids would love this

  192. Bridgett zaidi says

    I’m shopping smart and checking ads

  193. I enter a TON of giveaways.

  194. I shop online sales through ebates and get even more money back

  195. Cortney says

    With Ebates and giveaways!

  196. I love shopping clearance! Yesterday I got a pair of Bermuda uniform shorts for my daughter at Old Navy for 30 cents!

  197. Belinda Shaw says

    I’ve made few purchses and less impulse buying this year.

  198. Sarah L says

    I shop year round

    Thanks for the contest.

  199. Susan Bryant says

    I have been coupon shopping & doing a lot of price comparing to add a little more jingle to my pockets this holiday season! I have saved a bundle by reading blogs & getting the best deals I can find on things!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  200. Tara Liebing says

    I have been following all of the blogs waiting for the lowest prices and it has saved me alot of money this year

  201. Shanna Uptergrove says

    Always looking for sales- giveaways rock too. Watch the Sunday ads and use coupons. And a lot of online shopping.

  202. nan says

    i am shopping sales, free shipping and using coupons to keep more jingle in my pocket
    nannypanpan at gmail.com

  203. Stretching my dollars with BOGO deals, coupons, sales, and clearance whenever available

  204. Erica C. says

    I was able to save a lot by doing online shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

  205. Evilteddy03 says

    cool thank you for the contest. first time posting on this blog so hoping first time is a charm

    • Evilteddy03 says

      I am actually looking for deals online now. its too much of a hassle to go to the store and find some

  206. Gxgear says

    Gamestop is decent for trade-ins on occasions, like when they’re having a promotion, but for the olders games they give you next to nothing for it that it’s hardly worth the trip. Selling locally is also a good alternative: might take a little more time, but you’d get a lot more most of the time. If also keep up with pre-order offers or price drops, it’s also possible to get brand new games at discounted prices without having to trade-in games; most retailer these days offer price-match or pre-order giftcards. Personally, I like to hold onto most of my games, even after they’re completed, but I can see the merit in trade-in: trying to stretch every dollar.

  207. letessha w says

    shopping with ebates.com

  208. I’m sticking to my budget and still getting my kids some of the toys that they want by shopping around and looking for the deals. I haven’t paid full price for anything yet!

  209. Mindy says

    I have been pricing out everything before I buy it. I calculate the price per item/ounce and often buy stuff off of Amazon since you don’t pay tax it is often cheaper 🙂 Also, I did all my Christmas shopping on-line this year on Cyber Monday. Got great deals, and didn’t have to spend the gas money to go to the store!

  210. Ada Miller says

    buying things when they go onsale.

    aemgeg4 (@) yahoo (dot) com

  211. Ada Miller says

    I am subscribed through Google entry 2

    aemgeg4 (@) yahoo (dot) com

    • Ada Miller says

      sorry but i got confused & this is not suppose to be here. Hope you can delete it?

  212. karen d says

    We purposefully did not go on vacation this year – so even though we gave up something fun, we were able to do more around the house and close to home stuff with the kids.

  213. Candie L says

    I only used cash when buying gifts this year Thank you

  214. Julie Moe says

    I bought early and on sale!

  215. Angela Cisco says

    I used items that I won/ gift cards and Amazon codes from swagbucks. My kids will be having an awesome Christmas for less than $50 out of pocket.

  216. Daniel M says

    only buy on the sales!

  217. Jill Myrick says

    I save a set amount Jan.-Nov. of each year to buy Christmas gifts with so that in December we just have to pick up odds and end.


  218. Dee W. says

    Comparison shopping and price matching. It’s been great, and we’re way under budget.

  219. Debra Hall says

    i go on black friday with my list

  220. Matching coupons with sales ヅ *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  221. Jessica Anderson says

    Instead of buy present for friends and family I am baking them a goodie bag including their favorite cookie or bar. Everyone likes the gift bags and it save money.


  222. Jen says

    Keepin the jingle by trying to find steals, deals and sales

  223. Victoria says

    I’m getting some of my gifts at thrift stores.

  224. Nicole says

    Always doing comaprison shopping it take a little more time but is worth it in the end for the amount of money i save and coupons are also a must 😉

  225. daniel healey says

    Lots of coupons

  226. We are paying for everything with cash so we don’t overspend!

  227. Susan Smith says

    I make a budget and only use cash

  228. Michelle S. says

    I’m being a miser and not spending much thus saving more.

  229. Anne-Marie Defesche says

    I couldn’t give up my iPod but I did actually trade in my own video games to gamestop this month to buy new ones for my boyfriend for christmas. Love GS.

  230. Denise S says

    Make a list and stick to it.
    lazybones344 at gmail dot com

  231. tina page says

    using discover cashback rewards on amazon!

  232. I am putting more jingle in my pocket by shopping the mark downs.

  233. erma H says

    I’m couponing and shopping sales.

  234. tallcapp says

    I am sticking closely to a well researched list I made over a month ago.

  235. I purchased my gifts online and used ebates and savings codes to save me some money!

  236. tracey johnson says

    i bought thing when they were on sale

  237. ferriz says

    i did most of my shopping online!

  238. Amber S. says

    I sold some textbooks and things I no longer need. I also spent less on gifts this year.

  239. Gina P says

    sold my textbooks along with a few other things

  240. Laura S says

    We did almost all our Christmas shopping at big sales throughout the year

  241. Jennifer C says

    I put more jingle in my pocket by making lists and checking ads before heading out to shop.

  242. Deb Smith says

    I’m comparing prices online before going out shopping.

    dlsloveblogs at gmail dot com

  243. Don D says

    Trying to get more jingle by checking online and getting the best deals that I can find.

  244. Kayla says

    I’m buying things when they’re on sale and using coupons.

  245. Julie Harris says

    Coupons, coupons, coupons!!

  246. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says

    I make a list check it twice then remind myself debt is not nice
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  247. Kim Smith says

    I did most of my shopping online this year

  248. Russell Moore says

    We sat down before thanksgiving and decided what we were going to buy, and how much we were going to spend. Then we stuck to it. Worked like a charm (for the very first time.)

  249. Brittney House says

    I like to save some money by using coupons for almost all my purchases.

  250. Tonya Dean says

    By entering to win as much stuff as I can. It has really helped out this Christmas.


    • Leah Fall says

      I am putting more jingle in my pocket by saving on gas in my car, if I dont need to go I dont go. I am also doing alot more things online

  251. Brooke C says

    I have been waiting for the item to go on sale and trying to use coupons.

  252. Lisa says

    I did most shopping online, which saved me time AND money!

  253. Danielle Williams says

    by entering giveaways 🙂

  254. Erin R says

    this year, i’d say 90% (if not more) of our christmas gifts were from giveaway winnings. It’s been a life-saver. We have 2 young children (1 & 4) and our oldest (the 4 year) has a birthday right before christmas (actually today 12/21). we’re completely broke so this has allowed us to have a big christmas for the kids without much out of pocket!

  255. Christina says

    I’ve used coupons and saved up gift cards to save my jingle

  256. Louis says

    I’ll stick to my list and budget and keep an eye open for coupons and deals

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  257. Kerrie Mayans says

    I have been buying things online when they are on great sales and I have been selling books and DVD’s that the kids don’t want anymore back to amazon.com with their buyback program


  258. Stephanie Mago-Eagle says

    how I am putting more Jingle in my Pocket this holiday season! is by doing games on facebook,doing giveaways so I can try & win things for me & my baby…

  259. sandra says

    i have been shopping through rebate sites as well as scouring coupon and deal sites

  260. Hey there. I frequent Gamestop for my video game giveaways! It would be great to score a gift card from there! Thanks.

  261. I am shopping the sales.

  262. Johnna says

    Shopping early and shopping online.

  263. I shop sales and use coupons

  264. Jennifer R says

    I shopped early to avoid last minute impulse buys. reejen at comcast dot net

  265. Amanda Long says

    To save some money, I am buying stuff online and looking on Google first for coupon codes. Always saves me a ton of money, and also saves me the headaches of the malls!

  266. Lyndsey R. says

    well my son and I have been basically homeless for the past month and a half. Therefore, I am counting my blessings and only buying a few presents (that I can afford!) for my little man. He is a good kid, he understands.

    lyndsey.rullman at hotmail dot com

  267. Melanie Dauterive says

    By constantly checking for sales!

  268. kathy pease says

    i have done pretty good finding deals online and in stores so my wallet hasnt been hit too hard this year

  269. Arlene Whitfield says

    Finding all the awesome deals online this year! My kiddos are going to have an amazing Christmas! :))

  270. Karen says

    Coupons. Lots and lots of coupons.

  271. Tiffany Hoyt says

    I look online for deals.

  272. Jessica S. says

    swagbucks… 🙂

  273. Desiree Dunbar says

    I am putting more jingle.

  274. Amy DeLong says

    shopping those sales,and using coupons

  275. Tina H says

    I am mystery shopping to add more money in my pocket. Also, I’m checking prices all around, including online, to get the best price.

  276. online deals, great store bargains

  277. Sylvia B. says

    I bought most of my gifts online and purchased a lot less this year.

  278. Kyl Neusch says

    looking for coupons

  279. Anne Nack says

    I like to use coupons and look for sales.

  280. julie hawkins says

    I’m putting more jingle in my pockets by using coupons and discount codes.

  281. Aaron Bretveld says

    I am putting more jingle in my pocket this year because I get 3 paychecks in December! It just worked out nicely that one of the two 3 paycheck months of the year happened to fall on the Christmas month.

  282. Michelle H. says

    I have been shopping sales, using store coupons, and reward cards, and following blogs that post deals.

  283. shirley pebbles says

    We all limited the number of gifts bought and the amounts spent.

  284. I shop online deals.

  285. aj harris says

    I’ve cut down on the amount of presents we’re giving the kids and putting it away for a rainy day!

  286. DanV says

    I amputting more Jingle in my Pocket this holiday season with good sales

  287. kelley c says

    I saved money by using swagbucks to get amazon gift cards. They funded a lot of Christmas around here.


  288. debbi says

    We buy things on sale and stick to our budget. We also keep things simple!

  289. debbi says

    Your blog button is here: http://alwaysenough2share.blogspot.com/