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Sample received. All opinions are my own.

Being a fitness instructor and just a plain lover of music, I spend a lot of time listening to music of all types. A good set of headphones, in my opinion, is critical. I’ve tried all kinds from the ear bud types to the full on head set type. A friend started talking to me about the new Puro headphones that are volume limited and reduce the outside noise up to 80%. I was so excited when I got the chance to try them out!

I received both the on-ear headphones and the ear bud styles. They both came with their own drawstring bag for convenient storage which was a nice little bonus as I largely dislike having to deal with unruly cords or throwing them in my bag to get “lost”. I can confidently throw them into their little bags without worry.

Now we all understand the down side to any headphone and that is that we all have a tendency to listen to the music too loudly. (Yes guilty as charged.) Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) is the next big epidemic, according to the many in the hearing health industry. One in five teens in the U.S. have some form of hearing loss which is a 30% increase since the mid 1990’s, and another 1.1 Billion people worldwide are at risk due to increase use of portable audio devices. This crisis is 100% preventable.

The new “AP” headphones are volume limited at 85 dB max, include a hands-free microphone with pause/play setting control, and contain the Puro Balanced Response curve that recreates the studio grade audio of a perfectly tuned listening room. Additionally, the IEM200 model provides the user various size ear tips to help achieve the best comfort and ambient noise isolation, blocking 79% of ambient noise, with the on-ear model blocking 80%.

For me, it’s critical that I hear the small changes and cues in the music since I teach to it. Plus, the music is what drives the energy of my classes and personal workouts. I’ve tried some headphones that just make the sound very muffled so it was difficult to hear some of those less prominent cues. I, of course, certainly love the idea of a pair of headphones what will protect my hearing as well as my children’s, but do they stand up to the tough challenge for me to “hear” what I need to in the music?

The answer…yes! I was very surprised by both sets. They really did stop the volume level from going beyond a certain loudness. I was hesitant at first to want to like this feature (again I like to jam out to my tunes), but with the noise reduction quality they have I didn’t have to crank the music up and could listen at a lower level. I was pleasantly surprised of the sound quality as well. I was still able to pick out the musical cues and changes I need for my job, but I was also able to just relax and listen to music and really enjoy it.

The on-ear headphones were comfortable to wear and adjustable. The ear buds had different sizes of ear tips to allow for a customized fit. I found that a huge plus as I have small ears and most ear buds are too big and I struggle with getting them to stay in. I really liked the hands free microphone and play/pause button feature. It made answering phone calls if listening to music on my phone a breeze!

All in all I really liked these headphones and I particularly loved the platform of this company! I would highly recommend these to anyone wanting to get a great sound from a headphone and for those wanting to preserve their own hearing for as long as possible! It’s a win-win!


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