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My family has been making a conscious effort to watch what foods we purchase, prepare and eat. It is surprising at how much crud is actually in our food, without us knowing it. Blinding selecting options at the store is no longer an option when you want to eat healthy.

But what about our pets?

Thankfully, Purina® Beyond® has combined their pet expertise and knowledge of natural ingredients to create the first line of natural pet food available at Walmart.


Purina® Beyond® is made with natural ingredients plus essential nutrients and contains no added artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or poultry by-product meal.

They include real meat, poultry or fish as their number one ingredient in all dry and paté formulas.

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Purina® also excludes grains like corn, wheat, and soy from all of their recipes.

Pet nutritionists’ craft it, so you know you are providing an excellent, safe and healthy option for your pet.


Our kitties have been thrilled with our new food offerings. Both Mocha and Jasper dig in without hesitation. With our old food, they would sniff it, look at us like “really?” and finally eat because… well, they were hungry.

Beyond® cat food has become our pet food of choice and now that it’s available at Walmart I can grab a bag while picking up my weeklies.


We all pay attention to the things that we eat; it is time that we pay attention to what we give our pets to eat as well. Give your pet the best option for them with Purina® Beyond®.

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  1. Sarah L says

    If I still had my cat I’d try this food on her. She was very picky.

  2. James Robert says

    My 2 cats are getting bored with their cat food and never tried this before. May just give this one a try now

  3. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    Although I no longer have a cat I would use Purina Beyond if I acquire another one. I am so glad that they have improved their food.

  4. You have beautiful kitties! I am so glad you found a wholesome food they enjoy.

  5. shelly peterson says

    This sounds like a great healthy food for cats. I will have to let my friend know about this.

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