PSA | Lithium Coin Battery Safety Tips for Children

Lithium Coin Battery Safety Tips for Children

This post brought to you by Duracell.

As a caregiver to small children, I learned the hard way that children put things in their mouth. Actually, small children put just about anything they can into their mouths.

That is why I have partnered with Duracell to share with you the importance of keeping small items out of a child’s reach to avoid ingestion.

Among these items are lithium coin batteries.

Every year, thousands of cases of coin battery ingestions are reported, and swallowing batteries can lead to serious injury or death.

Duracell has taken steps to prevent battery ingestions by updating the packaging to be child resistant and placing warnings on the batteries themselves.

But the root of the problem remains: there is a lack of awareness around which devices in the home have coin batteries and what other safety measures can be taken to prevent ingestion.

Please take a few moments to check out this infographic.

With a little luck it will help increase awareness and illustrate safety measures for parents when it comes to Lithium Coin Battery Safety.

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 5.05.04 PM


  1. shelly peterson says

    scary, who knew these could be so dangerous. But little ones do put everything in their mouths. I will pass on this information.

  2. Sarah L says

    It’s true: if they can pick it up they have to put it in their mouth. You have to be careful.

  3. My nephew wears hearing aides that require small coin type batteries. Although they are built with safety in mind, he is only two, so these type of tips are super important. I will be sharing them with my sister for sure!

  4. wow i didnt know this my kids always climb up and grab the batteries- so scary!!

    BTW you’ve been BRINGING the giveaways lately !:) keep up the hard work!!!

  5. saminder gumer says

    thanks for the tips. i would never let the kids around a battery at all. afraid of what would happen when i am not looking. i will definitely take these tips to heart and use them going forward.

  6. Janet W. says

    Thanks for bringing awareness about this potential hazard! You can never been too careful when it comes to your children!

  7. Anne says

    Thanks for passing on this important information. Although we don’t have small children in the house very often, I’ll be sure to keep this in mind for future visits. Thanks again!

  8. Rebecca Parsons says

    I never stopped to think about not having those things out of reach. Will definitely be more cautious on having those things out of reach.

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