The Pros & Cons Of Sun Exposure

The Pros & Cons Of Sun Exposure

Our relationship with the sun is kind of weird, don’t you think? On the one hand, we rely on it to keep us alive, but on the other, research consistently shows it is incredibly dangerous to stay out in the sunshine for too long. There is a massive range of consequences – good and bad – of sun exposure, and today I thought I would go through each of them. Ready to get started?


Pro: Taking care of acne

Sunlight helps the human body fight against impurities – including the dirt and grease that can often cause acne. In fact, many acne sufferers look forward to the summer months, as their skin is more likely to clear up. As the sun hits your face or afflicted area, the surface gets a really healthy boost and starts to expel the buildup of dirt – and eventually, you are left with a smoother appearance.


Con: Dryness

However, there is a fine line between healthy, nongreasy skin and dryness. When those UVA rays get too much access to your skin, there is a real danger of stripping all the natural moisture out. The result of this drying is that your skin loses a lot of firmness and elasticity – and you could end up with a long-term premature aging problem, which we will look at a little later.


Pro: Vitamin D production

Vitamin D is an essential ingredient that keeps our bones in good shape. And the problem is that the body doesn’t produce it naturally – we need to stimulate its production by soaking up the sun’s rays. Also, according to, the Vitamin D from sunlight is one of the biggest natural stimulators of serotonin – the chemical we need to improve our moods and mental health. So, getting out in the sunshine is not only useful for stimulating the Vitamin D we need for our bodies, but also our minds.


Con: Premature aging

However, if you stay too long in the sun, the effects will have a more significant impact than you might think. Over time, sun exposure will cause your skin to age, and you shouldn’t be surprised at the increasing number of spots and wrinkles you acquire. Creams such as can help, of course. But your best bet is to refrain from too much exposure over the hot months. Research suggests you only need five minutes out in bright sunlight to get enough Vitamin D.


Pro: Strengthens your immune system

Sunlight helps your body produce more white blood cells, which are your last line of defense against infections and illnesses. It’s one of the big reasons why we don’t get ill as much as in the summer as we do in winter – we are more prepared to deal with it on a molecular level.


Cons: Skin cancer

However, without a doubt, the worst result imaginable for anyone spending too long in the sun is developing skin cancer. We all know the risks of melanomas, and no matter how much you protect yourself with sun creams, ultimately, we all have to take care to limit our sunlight exposure.



  1. This is a great article on sun exposure.

  2. I like sunshine, but don’t overdo it. I do not tan.

  3. MeMe R says

    I really miss the sun. I cannot have any sun exposure due to Lupus. In the summer my husband laughs at me cause I am like a lost puppy looking at the kids play and wishing I can be out there. It’s not so bad but I wish people would realize the harm that TO much sun can do to you. Please learn to protect yourself and safely play out there.

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