Project 366 | Day 8 | Missing You

Project 366

Day 8

Missing You…

With my grandmother’s birthday approaching… she has been on mind. It’s been almost 9 years since she passed and I still reach for the phone to call her.

These photos are of her as a baby and her holding my newborn Dad.

I left the flowers purple… her favorite.



  1. Aw, my mom does the same (reaching for the phone). The photos are so beautiful. May your grandmother rest in peace <3

  2. carol lewis says

    She is beautiful. I can see you look like her, too.

  3. kathy says

    It is so hard when you loose someone you Love. The only comfort I find is knowing someday we will reunite. I feel you. Sending hugs ( ) and comfort your way! My grandmother is still alive but frail and I so dred the day I get that phone call because we are so close.

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