Project 366 : Day 3 : Ballerina Girl

Project 366 : Day 3

Ballerina Girl


Small story behind the photo.

Emma has walked on her tip toes since she could walk. Recently I asked her why she walks on her tip toes. Her response… “Because I want to be a ballerina!”. Today I found a pair of ballet slippers at the thrift store and surprised her with them.

Here is her response:

(bonus photo)



  1. Julie Jones says

    Sign her up ma!! My daughter is in ballet and she loves it. It’s great for teaching discipline and pose too!

  2. Adeela says

    awww thts soo cute 🙂

  3. This is so precious. My little boy Blaze is somewhat similiar. He has, from the moment he could, turned his toes under his foot and walked on the top of his feet. I have no idea how he does it! It looks painful to me but he can run or walk anywhere like that. The kid has callouses on the tops of his toes from doing it. His doctor did tell us when he was about a year old that he is double jointed and that is why his bones “popped” all the time. I just think there should be something that will use his natural flexibility and gracefulness but not sure what. Maybe martial arts or gymnastics? What would you think for a boy? I would totally be ok with ballet but not sure what hubby would think lol.

  4. ginette4 says

    What a beautiful little ballerina 🙂 My daughter has been dancing ballet for over 19 years, ballet was her favourite form of dance, ballet teaches discipline, what great memories you both shall have, break a leg!!

  5. Jenny says

    I do ballet and i am in split sole ballet shoes i am 12 but i started when i was two make sure that if she is wearing those that she dosent try to go on full pointe it can crunch her toes and she wont be able to do full pointe if she isnt wearin the right shoes sign her up for ballet it really helps her in life in things like flexibility and posture since she is young work on her flexibility now so its easier for her later

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