Project 366 | Day 24 | Cat Toys

Project 366

Day 24

Cat Toys

Our new fish tank has brought hours of free entertainment for our kitties.

Fish… the best cat toy around.



  1. Jenn says

    What a fluffy cat! 🙂

  2. I like this one. Great lighting 🙂

  3. Christina says

    LOL love it… my cat tries to climb IN the fish tank (or turtle tank or hermit crab tank) every chance she gets. Water doesn’t deter her lol (actually she loves water, crazy cat)

  4. jolene says

    I love the photo. It made me chuckle. Thanks for the pick me up. =)

  5. Wendi says

    I need to get a fish tank for my cats. They need more entertainment

  6. Karen SIma says

    I love how focused the cat is on the fish inside the tank. I should get one of these for my kitty. I d not have enough time in the day to pay attention to him.

  7. Laura says

    At our house, that is called the food network channel!

  8. Cheryl Barnett Saves says

    I never thought to buy a fishtank for a cat toy.. LOL

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