Privacy Pop Bed Tent

Privacy Pop Bed Tent

Sample received. All opinions are my own.

I was recently introduced to a product called the Privacy Pop Bed Tent. If you have not already heard of it, you are missing out.

My first thought when I saw it was that my kids would think it was really cool. It turns their bed into a private fort, every kid’s dream.

It turned out that not only did my kids like it, but I have had a chance to discover just how versatile it is.

I went online to to choose my options and place my order. The Privacy Pop Bed Tent is available in six sizes and comes in five different colors and one print. Prices start at $129.99.

I chose a black one in the full size. The shipping was quick and I should add that it is free ground shipping to US continental 48 states on quantity orders of 1-2.

Compact storage bag

The Privacy Pop Bed Tent arrived and I was surprised at how compact it stores, and even comes in its own storage/carry bag.

I decided to set it up on my own, after all it is only four poles and the tent itself.

I definitely underestimated the job. I did manage to get it all set up on my own so it’s not impossible, but I would recommend a second person if possible.

Inserting poles

The setup is really simple, just physically it challenged me.

The four poles just slide through channels with zippered ends that keep the poles in place. There are two poles for the top and two for the bottom, that is all there is to it.

Once all the poles were in place I realized that this tent is much roomier than I expected. I had to work a little to get the tent into place on the bed and then I put the mattress in. This is where I was really wishing I would have waited for my husband to be home to help.

Open side

Both sides of the Privacy Pop Bed Tent can be zipped from the inside or outside of the tent and can be left closed or rolled up and held in place with fasteners.

My two youngest were at home when I set it up and could not wait to climb inside.

My three-year-old could easily stand up inside the tent and there was plenty of clearance for me to stand up on my knees.

end window/cord opening

There are zippered and screened openings at both ends of the tent that are great for ventilation or letting in some light.

Another feature that I didn’t find right away but was really happy when I did, is the velcro opening at the end to allow access for a power cord for a laptop or other electronics.


The hardest part was taking the Privacy Pop Bed Tent down.

It comes with instructions, but neither my husband nor I could figure out how to get it to fold back up from them. We could feel that the tent wants to coil back up, but were unable to get it to work.

I finally went on Youtube and found a video showing how to do it. After watching the video multiple times and a few more attempts of our own, we did get the job done.

After the first time, it was easy, but be prepared that there may be a learning process for folding it.

large tent

After having it set up for a while I started to think about all the times the Privacy Pop Bed Tent will be useful.

I would have loved to have one of these growing up while sharing a room with my sister. I am sure it would have saved many fights.

It will also work great when we have guests. We no longer have a spare bedroom, so we often have to move one of our kids out of their room for company and they sleep on a mattress in the playroom.

Now we can set the Privacy Pop Bed Tent up and put the mattress inside and they have their own private sleeping area.

It will also be great for travel. It takes up very little room to transport and could quickly and easily be set up when we arrive somewhere and even be used with an inflatable bed inside.

There are just so many practical uses on top of the fun ones. This tent is going to get a lot of use from this household.


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  1. My kids would have loved this when they were younger!

  2. Robin Wilson says

    How cool and fun is that!?! I’m not sure that my son needed additional “privacy” when he was little, but he would have loved it to play in and to camp in with.

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