Prince Lionheart Cushiony WeePOD and the Cushiony pottyPOD.

Samples received. All opinions are my own.

Potty seats
Potty training is not a time that I look forward to in my children’s life, in fact I dread it. However it is a part of life and there is no way to do it other then biting the bullet and just do it. Prince Lionheart has joined my journey in potty training and sent me some necessities, their Cushiony WeePOD, and the Cushiony pottyPOD.

The Cushiony WeePOD is made to sit right on your regular toilet seat. There is a nice sturdy base and a big cushiony top that will give your toddler the most comfort a potty can give.

Adustment knob
On the base there is a twist knob that adjusts the posts on the bottom to fit it securely to your toilet seat. I would recommend this seat for a longer oval toilet seat as mine isn’t a large toilet and the WeePOD is a little too long for our seat.

On the WeePOD
The only way we can get the WeePOD to fit our toilet is to lift all the toilet seats up and set the WeePOD directly to the toilet. The WeePOD is nice and light and has a built in carrying handle that can also be used to hang your seat up when not in use. The surface of the seat is awesome for wiping down and cleaning and there is a built-in splash guard for your little boys still learning to aim.

The Cushiony pottyPOD is a great looking potty to have sitting in your bathroom. The base is built nice and sturdy, the bottom ring of the base can be flipped for either a lower height or a higher height  depending on your child. The top is nice and squishy for that great comfort.

To empty you just lift the basin straight out and and empty. The potty, basin, and pee shield are all so easy to clean. The base is slip resistant making getting on and off the potty easy. My little one has already claimed his potties and has been making sure none of his siblings have touched either one of them.

On PottyPOD
His potty seats have been growing on him and I’m hoping this means that he will enjoy using his seats and take the dreaded fear out of potty training. Head over to and stock up on some great potties for your potty training journey.


  1. Sarah L says

    Those look like they would be comfy for little ones to use. I applaud your photos which managed to show the potties and still keep the post rated G.

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