Prince LionHeart PlayMAT and Back Seat Organizer

In the Package
Prince LionHeart has a great line up of baby to kids toys, potty/bath, feeding, nursery, safety, and travel products.

I was sent their Everywhere PlayMAT and Back Seat ORGANIZER.

Opening up the PlayMAT I really loved the carrying case and the nice light weight it has, making it super easy to take with you anywhere you go.

Huge PlayMAT
Opening up the PlayMAT I was amazed at the size of this… it’s HUGE! It measures a whopping 6.56FT x 4.9FT and 8mm thick.

I love the size as it will allow multiple children to play on the mat at once and not be in each others way.

You can fold the mat so may ways to change the size of the playing surface. You can fold it so it is long and narrow, or short and wide.

Playing at the Zoo
Having such a nice thickness to this PlayMAT gives your babies nice cushion during tummy time, will entertain you toddlers for hours, and encourage the older kids to use their imagination to explore the many streets in the city, or flip it over and discover all the animals you will find in the zoo.

I love the double sides to this PlayMAT, when they are getting bored of playing in the city you can give it a flip and it’s a whole new adventure waiting to be explored.

BackSeat Organizer
The back seat ORGANIZER is going to save my sanity from all that chaos of toys and the many things that come with in the vehicle to keep your kids entertained when traveling.

Organizer Straps
The organizer simply clips around the headrest on the back of the seat in front of your child, and secures using the bottom strap around the lower back of the seat.

My only wish for the installation of this item is that with the lower strap there is just a little bit of velcro at the end of the strap. The strap was way too long for our seat and so the bottom of the organizer is floppy and not tight against the back of the seat. If there had been a bit more of the loop side of the velcro down the strap we could secure it snugly.

Organizer Pockets
The organizer has so many pockets and clips, there is literally a spot for just about everything your child is going to want right at their reach.

All the pockets
My son is in a booster seat and he is a gamer which means on longer car rides he gets to bring his 3DS.

Having the organizer keeps me calmer knowing that he has a place to put it when not in use. Before the organizer he would set it down on his seat or wherever he pleased, I was always worried about it getting stepped on or sat on.

He now has the room to place books, water bottles, lego toys, 3DS, and his action figures.

Amazing Organizer
I love how functional the organizer is, my only dilemma is I have 3 kids and only 1 organizer!

I guess the purchase of 2 more organizers are in my near future.

Head over to and check out their wide variety of wonderful baby products to help make your life easier.


  1. vickie couturier says

    my grandkids would sure love for me to have this for them to use when they visit

  2. shelly peterson says

    I love the play mat, would be perfect for my grand kids. I really could use that organizer in my car.

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