PrePaid MasterCard Helps Keep Your College Student Within Their Budget @MasterCard #PrePaid #MC

PrePaid MasterCard Helps Keep Your College Student Within Their Budget

I am a member of the Collective Bias Social Fabric community.  I have been compensated to share my experience with you by Collective Bias and their client, MasterCard. 


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My oldest daughter headed off to the University this year, along with a part of my finances (and my MasterCard). I am proud to say that she has completed her associates degree (debt free) while living at home and is continuing to fund her classes herself while working towards her bachelor degree. Her Dad and I know how expensive it can be and we have been helping with things like rent and miscellaneous expenses.


That is why I love the convenience of a prepaid MasterCard. Instead of handing over my regular MasterCard, I can set a limit of how much I intend to contribute and it is up to her to make the money stretch. This year she has several art classes to finish her graphic design degree and the supplies can break the bank.  I’ve always encouraged her to bargain hunt, and this way she has the responsibility of trying to make the money stretch to meet her needs.

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Prepaid MasterCard has made my life less stressful.

  • I can easily reload at any given (needed) time. If an emergency supply is needed for a class I just pop online and add funds (also reloadable in store).
  • I won’t worry about her carrying cash, that has accidentally fallen out of both of our front pockets on more than one occasion.
  • If she needs to shop online I feel safe knowing that because she registered her card, if it were lost/stolen, we can recover our money.
  • Prepaid MasterCard is convenient as it is accepted almost everywhere she shops.
  • If she so desired, she could have her paycheck deposited directly to the card.
  • She can pay her bills online or over the phone.
  • She can manage her money easily. She can never spend more than she has and you can track your spending to see where your money is going!


It is easy to Get A Pre-paid Card! You do not need a bank account or a credit check. Plus, MasterCard is accepted at locations WorldWide! Learn more about the PrePaid MasterCard when you view my Google+ Photo Album.


  1. Super smart idea, I’ll be sending my oldest off in 3 short years to college!

  2. mel says

    Oh a prepaid mastercard- how awesome! We love our master card!

  3. Nikki says

    I love the idea of a pre-paid Mastercard. So much safer for your budget than handing over a regular credit card. I always want to say that I love that painting! Such an expressive look in the dog’s face!

  4. what a great idea, never thought of a prepaid card for college. I have several years before I have to worry about that but it’s good to keep in mind. Thank you!

  5. Sarah L says

    I think it’s a great idea. I like that her paycheck can go right to her card.

  6. Rosie says

    Nice art! I agree having a pre-paid card helps a young adult learn how to regulate their spending, without putting your credit at risk in case they goof! And helps them see why hunting for bargains is so important! Also, more fun! She’s precious.

  7. Jean says

    I wish I’d used a prepaid card when I was in college instead of signing up for a traditional credit card. I might have saved myself from some hard lessons in getting in over one’s head.

  8. I love prepaid cards and the fact MasterCard is accepted EVERYWHERE! Thanks for your participation in this campaign! #client

    • I can’t wait to use my Mastercard in Mexica and Cayman this winter! The kids will have preset limits on their pre-paid cards.

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