Precautions for a Motorcycle Adventure 

It may be surprising how many people think driving a motorcycle is a scary idea. If you ask most moms what they think about their child riding a motorcycle, most moms will probably hate the idea. When you ask them why they are so afraid of such an experience, they will tell you something like, “It is very dangerous.” What most moms won’t tell you is that they have probably never been on a motorcycle before, but the fears live on inside of them. 

What does that really mean? As far as motorists are concerned, a motorcycle is a light technological vehicle. But as any piece of technology, it has its own advantages and inconveniences. So what is the real cause of that fear? 


It is very funny to realize that people who think motorcycles are dangerous are people who have never driven one. As a matter of fact, this unexplainable behavior also happens when people are not used to sailing on ships or traveling by plane—they think they will die, even if it is almost impossible. 

One thing fear has in common with other emotions is that it magnifies the real issue, making it look way more dangerous than it is. Even more, if moms realized how much control we really have when riding a motorcycle, they would be less afraid when they see their son riding one. 

  • Enhanced Mobility: When riding on the street, anything may happen. But even in the most surprising and crazy situations, the person riding a motorcycle is the most likely to be secure. His vehicle is smaller, which makes it easier to adapt and prevent accidents. 
  • Better Protection: Here is where fearful people will find this contradictory. Almost all motorcycle riders use high-quality helmets; some of them even special suits. When driving a small vehicle like a motorcycle, they will be less damaged when they fell off of it. A car crash, however, can trap you in a car where you cannot get out. 
  • Confidence: This is true because confidence comes from experience and knowing how to ride. Enjoying the experience, relaxing, and being confident, makes you perform better in stressful situations. The opposite is also true: when you are nervous and distracted, you might be the cause of a motorcycle accident Utah riders fear. 


Follow these recommended steps. Make sure you have a lot of fun, but remember to always drive 100% safe. 

    • Always Wear the Best Gear Possible: The more safety features on gear, the better, safer, and more comfortable it will be. Being safe on the road also means having good maintenance done on your motorcycle. Remember that riding at high speeds makes details more critical. Check if everything is in order with your helmet, your motorcycle clothing, and your amazing motorcycle. 
    • Environment Awareness: You know your vehicle better than anyone else. If you follow the first step, the next one consists of being conscious of your surroundings. Highways, streets, or the countryside, each place requires putting your attention on different things. 
    • Attention To Special Situations: When giving driving advice, we always assume we drive in places we know. We drive to work, to people’s apartments, to the supermarket, to known places. Be proactive and know ahead what streets, portions, or areas, may be problematic and adjust accordingly. When you visit new places, be as cautious as you can, even if it means going slower. 
    • Taking It Easy: Depending on your emotions, sometimes you might feel like racing. That option is never recommended. Racing to make your ego feel better could not end up well.
    • Close Attention to Particular’ Drivers: As you know, you don’t drive alone. Every driver has their own style and yes, we know it, most accidents are not your fault. This is why we pay close attention to other people’s movements. 
    • Big Trucks, Buses, and Vans: Every time a motorist gets close to a truck or a van, he must watch the distances. The bigger the vehicle, the bigger the blind spots, especially when riding at night or when it is rainy or foggy. 

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