Practical Ways to Support Your Loved Ones

Everyone goes through difficult times. Illness, relationship breakdowns, and stressful situations can all cause your loved ones to feel far from their best. Seeing someone you care about experiencing a challenging time is difficult, and you may be keen to look for ways to help make things easier for them. Knowing how to help your loved ones can be the biggest challenge. Taking over and trying to do too much could cause offense, but not helping at all may seem like you don’t care.

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Getting the balance right between helping and not interfering can be tricky, but providing practical help and support is often a great way to make life easier for them. If you are looking for practical ways to support your loved ones, these ideas should help:

Take on Some Chores

Offering to carry out chores is an excellent way to show your support and is likely to be a welcome relief to your friend or relative. Whether you offer to walk their dog, take out their trash, or cook meals, your offer is likely to be well-received. Often, it is the everyday tasks that need to be completed that add to people’s stress when they are experiencing a difficult time. So, offering to take on these tasks and reduce the pressures they face daily is one of the most effective ways to show your support.

Help With Their Care

If your loved one is going through a time of illness or is currently incapacitated, then you may want to consider helping to assist with their care. Providing care for your loved one is an excellent way to make life simpler for them. Offering to provide their care yourself also takes away the worry of finding the right at-home caregiver that can be trusted to provide the right level of support and attention. It is possible to get paid to provide care for your loved one through the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (cdpap). The program enables people to select their own caregiver so long as the person is eligible. If you feel you have the available time and ability to provide your loved one with this kind of support, it could be worth looking into the program to find out more and make it an official arrangement.

Keep Communicating

Being available to respond to your loved one’s needs in a meaningful way shows them you care. People are often reluctant to request help, even when they need it the most. So, letting them know that you are there for them and willing to support them whenever needed can prompt them to reach out and to ask for your help. Even small acts of kindness can mean a lot to people when they are going through a challenging time, even if they do not show it at the time. Sometimes, you may need to just listen to them talk through their worries and unburden themselves; whatever support you provide is sure to be appreciated by your loved one.

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