Pop Or Not: Is It Acne Or Pimples?

We’ve all been there, worried about that spot that won’t go away. It’s getting thicker too. Well, don’t worry. We can show you how to identify whether it’s acne or a regular, albeit stubborn, pimple. It’s very easy to get the two mixed up. Acne can be red, as with pimples. Pimples can have pus but so can acne. Pimples usually are small but acne can be too. We thought it would be a good idea to first compare and then contrast pimples and acne, so you can know whether you can pop or not. 


Causes of pimples

The simple fact of the matter is, they are caused by poor hygiene. It’s not always that your overall hygiene is poor, it’s just that you touched your face while your pores were open and the bacteria gatecrashed the party. Pimples are also caused by stress and they can be made worse by remaining stressed. Pimples can also react to physical annoyance on the skin, so constantly rubbing, pressing and touching the pimple is only going to spread it.

Causes of acne

These are mainly linked to hormonal changes as people in their teens and early adulthood experience thicker spots that tend to be filled with pus. Swollen glands are also very common. What is also common is poor hygiene being a case for acne. Do you change your pillowcase twice a month? Do you wash your hands properly? Acne can also be caused directly by cosmetics, so you could be allergic to certain formulas and ingredients.

Should you pop?

When it comes to acne, no you should never pop. no matter how tempting it is, do not pop your acne spots. They can leave behind lasting damage and it can only be repaired by plastic surgery solutions. Acne is also easily spread when you do pop. The pus is very potent and it can lead to more acne all over your face.

Should you pop pimples? Well, there is a right time to pop them. Only when they have come close to their peak should you pop them. And it shouldn’t be with pressure. You can use a needle to slightly pierce the white head and then squeeze the pus out to prevent it from growing. You can also use mineral face milk from a trusted skincare webstore to soothe your skin after popping and heal the area.  

How to prevent both?

Both are sometimes unavoidable as it’s just part of life, but you can do some things to help. Change your pillowcase every week or twice a month. Wash your face with cleansers at least twice a day. Speak with your doctor about your stress levels and lifestyle. They can help you with certain changes in your diet to prevent allergic reactions.

Great hygiene can prevent both pimples and acne. But you need to be on the ball, and ‘spot’, pun intended, when you are eating foods that trigger them. Speak with your doctor about this. 


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