PlayMG Portable Android Gaming Device

PlayMG Portable Android Gaming Device

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If you’re like me your phone is in your child’s hands more often than your own. It had become such a serious problem in my house (their games were draining my phone) that I was on the hunt for a proper replacement that the kids would enjoy.


PlayMG has been everything I was looking for and more. Apparently I’m not the only person excited about it because it was recently announced that PlayMG received a 2013 Family Choice Award as well! Read a Mom’s review here!


What exactly is PlayMG?

PlayMG is a pocketable all-in-one entertainment system specifically designed for young people who do not have a smartphone. There are no monthly charges or expensive cartridge games to buy and PlayMG gives you access to everything on the Google Play Android platform. With PlayMG, young people get their own smart-device and parents get their smartphones back.

PlayMG functions over Wireless Internet which makes it perfect for at home use or on the go connected to my mobile hot spot.


Check out the video below and see why PlayMG should be on YOUR shopping list this holiday season.



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  1. Lisa K says

    I love that this device is everything my smart phone is without the calls, texting and outrageous phone bill. My Daughter will like that she has a ‘smart phone too’ and I can have my phone back.

  2. Natalie says

    I like a

  3. Esther says

    I learned trust and verify tool!

  4. Melissa Teears says

    I like that it plays all the Android games my son likes. I could finally get my phone back.

  5. EMILIE PECKA says

    I can have my phone back.

  6. Cherilyn says

    I learner it comes preloaded with games. Cool!

  7. Kim Jones says

    I like that it keeps the parents in the know on what is being downloaded and I can still keep my hands on my own phone!

  8. staci wells mefford says

    Def the androud games. Will keep son busy on long trips

  9. that it is just like a smart phone without the bill

  10. lisa leonard says

    i like that parents can trust lids

  11. Patricia says

    The Android games, sounds fun Slice It for the kids. Awesome giveaway.

  12. My boys would love something like this, especially since mom and dad don’t even have smart phones.

  13. I like that it is pre-loaded with games already.

  14. Jenny says

    My son would like the NBA Jam game

  15. I like that it comes with preloaded and you can add to it

  16. Angela Y says

    I love that it’s Android based and my kids can play on it instead of my phone.

  17. Armin Hollas says

    I would like to win the price

  18. Tara says

    I love that this has all of the apps that kids love without the monthly bills.

  19. nicole nadin says

    Love it

  20. Brianne Armstrong says

    Love that its Android! My son has games he loves there already…hooray

  21. Matthew W says

    I like that it is already preloaded with games so my son can play it right out of the box

  22. Jennifer says

    I can have my phone and iPad back!!!!

  23. Amanda Alvarado says

    I like that it’s Android based!

  24. Nicole Ott says

    I have never heard of the PlayMG Portable Android Gaming Device before but it sounds amazing! My son wants to play all the games on my phone and hes only 7 so hes definitly NOT getting a phone! This would be awesome!

  25. Teresa says

    I like the wi fi feature.

  26. Margaret Smith says

    I love that there’s no monthly bill.

  27. Lori Thomas says

    Love that it is preloaded w/games

  28. Debra Hall says

    get more than 60,000 app games

  29. Shannon baas says

    I like the slice it game.

  30. nickie says

    I like that it is pre-loaded with games.

  31. LisaN says

    I like that it is geared toward kids!

  32. I would like the Derby Days Com2us games

  33. Melissa O. says

    I love that it is an Android device and family friendly

  34. eric rivera says

    this is great i love that their Are no monthly fees and i think me and my kids would fall in love with this maybe fight over it a bit lol

  35. Fawn H says

    I like the Slice It game

  36. Melissa Alvarado says

    I would love to get my phone back! Dying to get one of these for my son for Christmas!

  37. amelia a. says

    This looks awesome..

  38. Terri Moore says

    I like that the kids can have their own gaming system without the expense of a smartphone.

  39. I learned that it “Comes with big expandable memory so you never run out of space on-the-go.”

  40. Kasee Johnson says

    I like that they’ll match the first $10 deposit on your SpendSmart card! Free money is always a good thing.

  41. Megan Cromes says

    i learned that its the first portable gaming system that will build trust and teach the responsibility of ownership.

  42. krista grandstaff says

    I love the portability of this, as well as the fact that it comes pre loaded with games. The digital wallet idea is also pretty awesome, no more overspending!

  43. Leah Johnson says

    Love this thing! It has everything my girls could want to play & so many great features.

  44. Stan Lee says

    Remote Trust is a great function!!

  45. Melissa Vaught says

    I absolutely love this! I had never heard of it before, but after this review, I know that we definitely need one. My kids are always taking my phone and bringing it back when it’s dead. I love they can play all their fave apps without a monthly service charge.

  46. Rhonda says

    I like absolutely everything about it! What took so long to come up with this!? 🙂
    I especially like the digital wallet and remote trust notification functions.
    Thank you very much for the opportunity to win one 🙂

  47. Eileen Richter says

    I like that many games are preloaded from company’s like EA. NBA Jam would be my daughters fave right now. She is ALL basketball.

  48. I like that it is small and so portable.

  49. heather eg kaufman says

    I like that it has preloaded apps.

  50. Nannypanpan says

    I learned I can get it at toys r us or amazon

  51. Carla Coe says

    No need for a expensive monthly plan.

  52. I love that this device is everything my smart phone is without the calls, texting and outrageous phone bill. My Daughter will like that she has a ‘smart phone too’ and I can have my phone back.

  53. Jennifer says

    I like that they have an allowance for buying games. That way they can’t rack up charges.

  54. Cassandra Coleman says

    the memory is expandable and its size.

  55. Learned that there are more than 60,000 app games

  56. joanne gentry says

    The PlayMG could not be a better alternative , this is awesome. It has all the bells and whistles without the cost for those young people who cannot afford a smartphone.

  57. melissaandkeith miller says

    it comes preloaded with games

  58. Jim Lipscomb says

    it’s like a phone to play with, but it just does the stuff kids want to play with

  59. Deb K says

    I like that it is pre-loaded with games already!

  60. What a great product! I would love to have something to put my daughters games on, other than my phone, so that the battery won’t drain so quick 😉

  61. Caroline G says

    The Tiny Farm game looks so cute! Thanks for a chance to win!

  62. Carole ingram says

    I like that it comes preloaded with tons of games 🙂

  63. Brynn says

    my favorite feature is that it is like a smart phone but without having to worry about making calls or sending texts when the kids are playing on it and they can feel more grown up 🙂

  64. Joye Rast says

    I like that it is small for a pocket,

  65. Colleen Maurina says

    I learned that MG is the first portable Android gaming system designed so your kids can have their own system, without getting a smartphone and the expensive monthly plans that come with it.

  66. Wanda McHenry says

    I like that you can get more than 60,000 app games

  67. eric rivera says

    i learned that bing smart is only available for windows 8.1

  68. Lisa K says

    This is great for multi tasking. You can do other things while you are typing. That’s awesome. I can barely walk and chew gum at the same time, lol. Starting to sound like my Mom did when I was younger.

  69. Cristi says

    I love that there are no monthly bills and pre-loaded games.

  70. lorayne gothard says

    I like this because I can have my phone back!!! Also the kids can learn responsibility for electronics!!

  71. Tracee Bass says

    I am always looking for learning items for my kids and this would be the perfect item!

  72. Dorothy Deakyne says

    my son would love this, nice small and portable

  73. debra l. says

    My son I know would love this item. It has all the bells and whistles (sorta) that my phone has practically & it could make him feel like a “big boy” without “big $$” thank you so much for the opportunity.


  1. Charlie says:


    tnx for info!!

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