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Disclosure: This post brought to you by Zig Zag Zoom.


My kids absolutely adore playing games on their tablets. Some of them are pure mindless dribble and others actually help stimulate learning. I really try to discourage the mindless games, but if the educational games aren’t as entertaining it’s a hard road to plow.



I recently found a mobile game called Tree Story. This game was created by former Disney Interactive artists and game designers and is very inviting just by the graphics alone. What has me encouraging my children to play, though, is that not only does it engage the mind, but while growing these cute anthropomorphic virtual trees, Zig Zag Zoom plants REAL trees with the help of their impressive partners like these:

  • The U.S. Forest Service
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • ACTrees (an organization representing over 350 local tree planting organizations)
  • Arbor Day Foundation
  • Project Learning Tree


Along with other games, Tree Story allows you to have fun taking care of your own virtual pet trees. If you properly care for your tree by feeding, watering, pruning, and giving it sunshine it will grow from a tiny seedling to full-grown Treelings!


When you’re not tending your tree, choose from a variety of forest-themed action and puzzle games that will keep you and your trees entertained. Fend off nasty Asian Long Horned Beetles and other harmful pests to keep your trees safe and happy.


Ready to play a game & plant a tree? DOWNLOAD Tree Story
Available ad free for $0.99 on iOS or Android. Or totally free (with ads) on Android or iOS.

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