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Planning a Super Bowl Party?



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The Super Bowl is almost here! Every year families and friends gather to watch the big game and feast on a fabulous spread of yummies. But are you getting as much as you can for your money? With the Blue Cash Everyday Card you could earn 3% cash back on your Superbowl groceries!

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So, to celebrate the Superbowl, American Express is teaming up with OurKidsMom and several other blogs to see how much you would be getting back if you were to use the Blue Cash Everyday card to purchase your Superbowl spread. 

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I am usually not a big advocate for credit cards. They can get you into trouble quickly. That being said, if you are diligent and pay off the balance each month… a card with rewards for spending is a fantastic idea! We do this in our household. You are going to spend the money on gas, groceries and clothes anyway right? Why not get a kick back for it?

If you spent $150 on your spread and
were using the Blue Cash Preferred card
you would figure your rewards like this…

150 x .06 (that is 6%) = $9 cash back!

$9 doesn’t sound like much, but that’s for one party…

Click on the chart above to calculate your cash back for an entire year using each card.

You will be surprised!

It’s super easy to participate… and you could WIN $250 American Express!



Simply follow the directions in the widget below. It’s that simple.


but they are still very much appreciated and adored :O)


This giveaway ended at 11:59 PM EST on February 27, 2012.

Disclosure of Material Connection:  Nothing was received in exchange for this post. By participating I have the chance at receiving reimbursement for my Super Bowl spread. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.” The opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own. Your experience with the product may differ from mine. The sponsor is responsible for prize fulfillment and will be shipping the winner(s) their prize(s). For more information read my disclosure policy.



    1. ellen says

      I normally spend $100 so I would save what $3 ? It depends on the teams playing ,

      • ellen says

        you dont have a box for it, but you are in my bloggers circle Tan’na Wings. Also I subscribe with this email addy you can see 🙂

    2. ellejay says

      This is my first Super Bowl party, but my calculated savings would be about $50!

    3. jenn says

      I spend about $140 so i would save $7.80

    4. Jennifer Reda says

      i normally spend about $250. I’d save $15 using the AmEx card

    5. joy person says

      about $200 is what we spend on average 🙂

    6. joy person says

      sorry forgot to say I would save about 12.50

    7. I usually spend between $50 and $100, it depends on the sales and amount of guest, I figured about $5, it was an average number

    8. jodi lasher says

      I spend about 200.00

    9. april yedinak says

      I spend about $80 and I would save $4.80.

    10. With price of wings going up as high as they have, I could easily spend $250 to throw a Super Bowl party. I said I would save $15.

    11. Jill A. Collins says

      I’d probably spend $50 to $100 depending on how many people came, so maybe about $3?

    12. diane conover says

      i would spend about 250 so about 15 i would save.thanks

    13. I spend $100 so I would probably save around $4.

      I’m entering on the rafflecopter with my FB username Mary Happymommy.

    14. I would spend about $50 and save about $5 but Id use the rest on the Daytona 500 party and save about $15 average
      bdavisnc at gmail dot com

    15. Janet W. says

      Normally spend about $100 so I would get 6 back.

    16. Amy Pullifrone says

      It would be about what you calculated…if I had the money it would cost around $150 with $9 back. However, now that my team is not in it due to a stupid field goal..we won’t be having a lot of stuff…

    17. Peter G says

      Getting ready for the big GAME and American Express really saves me some money.

    18. Lisa McGunnigle says

      I would normally spend about $200 and therefore save about $12.50 if I used the AmEx Blue Cash cards!

    19. Tanaya Syx says

      I would spend about $75 on a party which means I would save about $2.25 when saving 3%.

    20. April Kennedy says

      I probably spend about $100 planning and implementing a party, so I would save $6!

    21. Theresa says

      We spend about $200 so we’d save a little less than $15.

    22. Stephajen says

      i would spend $100.o0 i would save $4.00 🙂

      Google name-Stephanie Jones

    23. Stephanie Hirsch says

      Usually we spend around $150 per party with beer, food and other drinks. So my calculations were done for me, we’d save about $9 bucks.

    24. amy warren says

      i spend about $300, so I would save $18!

    25. Amber says

      I usually spend several hundred dollars because we always host a big party for friends and family. I calculated that I could save up to $20!

    26. I would spend around $150 and get about $10 cash back.

    27. Rebekah Mercier says

      I guess I would normally spend around 100 bucks on a Super Bowl party. So I guess I would save about 5 bucks give or take.

    28. tammy lynch sigond says

      normally about 150 so i would save 6 bucks

    29. Vickie Couturier says

      usually $100

    30. spend about $100 get $6 back

    31. Cynthia DeLeon says

      About $125 so I would get $15 back 🙂

    32. Theresa J says

      Typically I can up to $400 for a Super Bowl Party. $15.50 is probably what I would get back in cash back..$225 at supermarkets and $175 on misc.

    33. I estimated a cost of $100 and a savings of $6!

    34. Julie Lundstrom says

      Probaby $25 to $50 depends on how many people.

    35. Georgia says

      I usually spend about $115.00 so I save about $7.00.

      gmissycat at yahoo dot com

    36. Amanda Sakovitz says

      Since the Patriots are in the superbowl we will be spending anywhere between $200-300. If they werent in the superbowl we would probably spend under $100. We are huge football fans!

    37. Kelly D says

      We usually spend between $100-$200 and I calculated $28 back

    38. Elena says

      We usually spend around $400 as we host a big party. I could get up to $20 cash back

    39. It would save us near $7.20 on about $120 dollars allotted for the party.
      andrea.kruse at gmail dot ocm

    40. twittered this, then added more words

    41. Holly S. says

      I won’t spend more than approx. $75, so my savings would be $4.50. Thanks!

    42. Jessie C. says

      We will probably spend about $250, huge super bowl fans

    43. I usually spend about $200 (which includes all the miscellaneous stuff aside from just food and beverage – plates, cups, napkins, utensils, etc…). I would save $12 with the AMEX Blue Cash card! $12 back is better than no cash back!

    44. Honestly, my brother does not spend anything over $250 for snacks, so I guess I’d be saving spending about $50 on snacks. and have leftover to do something more special than just snacks.

    45. Laura Love says

      We usually spend about $400 – I calculate we’d save about 25 by using the Blue Cash cards from American Express

    46. Carol says

      $13.50 Each year it varies, since we normally host a good number of families. I would say we spend EASILY $200.

    47. Angie M says

      we have a small party- spend about 50-100$ so we would save around $5

    48. Dara Nix says

      Between food, drinks & decorations , we have spent close to $300 before! My estimated savings came to $18.00!

    49. Katherine says

      I usually spend about 300 for the number of people that come but everybody pitches in and helps

    50. Kimberly says

      I usually spend about $200 – my cash back would be $12!
      kcoud33 at gmail dot com

    51. Susan Smith says

      I spend approx. $75 for Super Bowl so my savings would be $4.50

    52. Miranda Welle says

      I figured the $150 mark is a pretty fair number. So I figured the savings of $9.00

    53. alsvegas says


    54. ginette4 says

      I spend about $150.00, that would be a savings of $9

    55. Ashley Hatten says

      I usually spend about $50 on my party because we do a pot luck where someone brings a little something. I would save $4.50 if I used a blue cash rewards card! thank you!

    56. Douglas Houston says

      I spent about a 130.00 and would get back around 8.00

    57. Margaret Smith says

      We usually spend about $500, so I’d save approx $15.00
      Thanks so much.

    58. Jacqueline Griffin says

      I would get $442 back. I spend about $150 but I use coupons too.
      Thank You! I love Amex!

    59. Leslie G. says

      We spend around $250 when we host… so $15.00. 🙂

    60. Geri S says

      I spend $100 so I would save what $3

    61. Melissa Lowe says

      I usually spend $100, so I would get $150 in savings!

      • Melissa Lowe says

        Opps, sorry I didn’t read the Question right, my kids were distracting me, lol. Anyways I spend about $100. My savings would be $3.

    62. Christine M says

      I normally spend about $50 I would get back $3

    63. Michelle Fosnaugh says

      We spend around a $100 at the grocery store so with 6% back from grocery stores we would save $6

    64. Tian Kinasih says

      I spend $100 so I would like to save like $6. thank you..

    65. Lindsay S says

      I would spend about $270 on a Super Bowl Party and I would save about $8. I live in NY, we’re going big.

    66. If I were to have a party I would spend around $165. We don’t have the money to do this right now though.

    67. Kari Howell says

      I normally spend around $100 so I would save about $6.

    68. Renski says

      How much do you normally spend hosting a Super Bowl party? We share the costs by having a potluck. I estimate our total cost to be $75. How much did you calculate you would get back by using the Blue Cash cards from American Express? Some, but not much – but $5 is Five dolalrs.

    69. Amanda Alvarado says

      I’d say we spend around $200 with meat, charcoal, kids foods, etc. I would save $6 w/ the 3% back

    70. Carmen Van Deursen says

      Just about 150 would save 9

    71. Alan Tong says

      Depending on the size, I might spend over $300. I would save $20.

    72. Audra Weathers says

      I believe a recent party cost us around $150, so with a 3% super market savings, I came up with $4.50. That’s not bad, considering we usually spend at least that much when we go grocery shopping.

    73. R HICKS says

      spend 200-300 and get about 17 back

      brich22 at earthlink dot net

    74. R HICKS says

      other info

      subscribe to you via email with ardy22 at earthlink dot net

      brich22 at earthlink dot net

    75. I’d save $7- not too shabby!

    76. Mimi says

      I’d have to say just under a hundred dollars. So, I said I’d save $5. In this economy, that’s awesome!

    77. Sabrina Radke says

      We celebrate by watching with my immediate family, I spend about $50 on special foods and snacks! This year the super bowl is in my city!

    78. Soha Molina says

      Spend about 150.0

    79. susan says

      I’d spend around $100 so a savings of $6 would be nice!

    80. Ruth says

      I am spending $200. I will surely save some money.

    81. Eileen says

      We normally spend about $200 on our Superbowl parties! We usually spend it at home but we do have a big family and we make LOTS of pre-game snacks plus dinner for half time. If the Pack was still in, We’d probably be having a bigger party at our house. So I guess we save about $6.


    82. Cynthia C says

      I don’t do a Super Bowl event, but I could save about $10 on groceries.

    83. Michelle C says

      I estimated spending about $125, therefore saving around $7. Thanks for the chance to win!
      mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

    84. jules mcnubbin says

      around $100 so i figured $3

    85. Amy Carlson says

      About $400 so we would save $24.

    86. I rarely host a super bowl party. The only thing I usually buy is something to contribute to snacks/etc…

    87. kathy pease says

      I spend around $100 so I would save $6

    88. Sarah Hirsch says

      about $100. (so a $6 savings)

    89. Jamie Brigham says

      I usually spend close to 200.00 I have a really big family so probably around 6.00 back

    90. Sarah says

      usually spend around 300 when my team is playing in it, though everyone contributes to the cost. I’d save about 18$

    91. Victoria Russell says

      This is my first year hosting a superbowl party! I’ve spent about 150 so far – 15 back! Love it!

    92. ericka coello says

      if I spend $215 I would save $94 with the blue cash everyday card

    93. If I were to have a Super Bowl party I’d probably spend about $100, so I could earn $6 back. (The party is at a friend’s house. Hubby and grandson will be going and I’ll enjoy a quiet afternoon at home 🙂

    94. Krystal Ramirez says

      I spend about $100, so I would save about $4

    95. Sarah L says

      Don’t have a party. Just calculated from what I might fix for myself.
      Thanks for the contest.

    96. Irma Hernandez says

      I spend about $100 save about $5

    97. lisa says

      Would spend around 125 & 140

    98. Michelle Tucker says

      We spend about 100 dollars. We’d save $6. Thanks!

    99. Kristi C says

      We spend $175-200.

    100. susan varney says
    101. Natalie J Vandenberghe says

      We are lucky–we are usually invited to a friend’s home to watch the game. So, we don’t have to buy all the refreshments. I estimate that we’d save $13 😉
      Thanks for the giveaway.

    102. Jimmy says

      I spend 100 so I would save 6

    103. Stacey Bicovny says

      I usually spend $100 to $150 so I’d get back about 7 to 9

    104. Jacob says

      We usually spend about $385 on the party (it’s our only party of the year!) so I would save $23 on my Super Bowl Spread using a Blue Cash Card

    105. Kathryn Costa says

      I usually spend around $115-$125 so I would save about $22.

      katbirdfl (at) gmail (dot) com

    106. Kathy says

      I would say that we usually spend about $200 on our Super Bowl party and I estimated that we could save about $10.

    107. Amy M says

      I spend about $100 on a Superbowl party, so at 6% I would save $6.

    108. Diane Vescio says

      I usually spend around $80 and save $4.80 by using the American Express Card (Don’t leave home w/o it!)

    109. elizabeth p says

      We have a huge party and a lot of us chip in but I would save $54 on the party.

    110. Allison Downes says

      I spend around $250, so $15.00

    111. Cheryl Barnett Saves says

      I spend around 250.00 would get 13 dollars cashback on a guesstimate

    112. Carolyn Ann Colley (Griffith, Smith) says

      I don’t usually spend a lot for superbowl, we usually get pizza, & have a few friends over.
      Thanks for the giveaway.

    113. Marlena Curley says

      I usually spend about $200 for a good super bowl party and I would get $12 cash back!

    114. Jennifer Donohue says

      I spend about $150 so I’d save around $12

    115. Beth says

      I spend about $100 so I would get around $6 back.

    116. Beth says

      email subscriber at bethany333 at hotmail dot com

    117. Betty says

      I would save about $25 with cash back including $15 coupon back at the deli. We spend about 150

    118. pizza, soda, and wings = $50
      savings of $3

    119. Monica Young says

      I normally spend around $80 to $100 for my party depending on who’s coming and who’s playing. I think I’d save around $3 to $4 dollars?

    120. Bianca Roman says

      I’ve never hosted a Super Bowl Party!

    121. Bianca Roman says

      email used for daily subscription is yobonks(at)gmail(dot)com – there wasn’t a spot on the form to put it. Thanks!

    122. I spend between $200-250 and would save about $12

    123. I spend just about $100 for our gametime parties.

    124. KD {Mom of 3 Dolls} says

      Spent $125 and would earn $7.50!

    125. Annmarie W. says

      I think I calculated wrong at first (I’m so bad at math). But I spend usually about $300 total…so I guess I’d save about $18.

    126. gala says

      usually it’s around 150$

    127. Brenda Gaines says

      a lot…host a party for about 20-30 people i would save $14

    128. Amber Porter says

      I think I could do it for around $100, $6.00 is the savings I used.
      skipthelaundry at gmail dot com

    129. Christel Platt says

      We have alot of men in this house already, so with Superbowl, its always about 150.00 glad everyone chips in, but Id save about 9.00 :)))

    130. Sarah S. says

      I usually spend around $50 for a Superbowl party.

    131. Jessica Bradley says

      We usually don’t spend much cause we don’t host a party, but we usually spend around $80 when we host gatherings, so around $5!

    132. Sandy Brown says

      I don’t usually host a super bowl party, I usually go to one. we all help out and bring a dish so that the home base house doesn’t get stuck making all the food. and as usual it’s a byob.

    133. Stephanie Mago-Eagle says

      I don’t spend a thing,I do not have a party for supper bowl

    134. Joanne Schultz says

      I don’t usually host a super bowl party, but if I did I’d save about $10 on their cash back- snacks, alcohol & beer & soda get pretty expensive!!

    135. Ally says

      I usually spend around $75 on my Super Bowl party, so I would save about $4.50!

    136. Debra F says

      I spend $75 so I would save about $4.50

    137. What an amazing giveaway. This would save alot of money and I LOVE to save money any way I can. Thanks for the chance. Terri of Two Pink Peas

    138. Lyn says

      I think I spent right at $100, so savings of $3

    139. Nici R says

      I would normally spend about $100, so I would get $6 back.

    140. Deanna G. says

      $200, so I’d save $12.

    141. Christina P says

      Normally spend around 250.00, I would save $15.00 using the AMEX Card!!! Thanks for such a great opportunity to win such a great prize!

    142. petritia S says

      wud spend a minimum of $100 and $3.50 cash back

    143. Lucy W. says

      I would save $15

    144. barbara wright says

      I have better things to do with my time that host a Super Bowl party, but based on my usual party costs, I’d probably save $10

    145. Becky Horn says

      I would spend about $100 so would get back about $6

    146. Becky Horn says

      I would spend about $100 so would get back about $6

    147. Whitney McQuarry says

      I typically spend about $100 with a savings at $6

    148. renee walters says

      I spend about $700.00. We have a huge party!

    149. About $75 dollars, so it’d be about 4+ dollars.

    150. Gricelda Castro says

      I normally spend $100, saving about $3 ?

    151. Donna B. says

      I normally spend about $100, so I’d save 3% or $3.

    152. Rebecca Shockley says

      Because I spend with many people for so mny, we could save about $91 roughly, we spend anywhere from 2000 to up to 15,000

    153. Tara Liebing says

      Between food and drinks we spend about $100 so Iwould get $6 back

    154. Jennifer Pickering says

      I didn’t have to spend a whole lot this year…i had some in stockpile so I only spent about $50 in additional items. But including those I already had would saved about 7.50

    155. We aren’t sports fans, so I used $100 to calculate my savings, which would have been $6. I probably wouldn’t spend more than that on a Super Bowl Party. 🙂

    156. Christopher Sorel says

      spent too much in years past but this year we split it up so only $150

    157. Jacqui Odell says

      I spent a hundred would get back 6.

    158. sandy w says

      hard to say since i dont watch the superbowl or go to the parties…..abt 5 yr ago i entertained my ex boyfriend and on him alone i spent abt 30-40.00 b/c he had expensive taste…..that was a waste….so i calculated if i had a party i would save abt 59.99

    159. katie coriston says

      i normally spend about $260. I’d save $16 using the AmEx card!!!!

    160. Chelsey says

      I usually spend about $100- $150 (this year $80), so I would have saved close to $5.

    161. Tammy says

      I usually spend around $75 on super bowl parties. I calculated that I would have gotten $4.50 back.

    162. Jeremy says

      I’m always going to a Super Bowl party, never hosting one, so my savings would be minimal for that… but for the rest of the year, I would save lots!

    163. too much! lol. about $100

    164. Heather S says

      about $100 so save $10

    165. brian e. says

      Thanks for the giveaway…we usually spend about $275, would save about $17.
      senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

    166. Rochelle says

      I spend about $160 so I would save about $6. Thanks!

    167. I would save $19.

    168. Austin says

      $150 and save about 10 dollars or more.

    169. Sara Logan says

      Would normally spend $100, so would save $6

    170. stephanie miller says

      we dont usually have a party, but occasionally will go to friends house to watch it. i tweeted i would save at least 20.00.

    171. Jennifer Hedden says

      I usually spend $200 and I calculated I would get back $12. Thank you for the great giveaway!

    172. Katy M says

      I spent around $100 so I’d get $6 back – not too shabby!

    173. Tawnya S says

      We might spend about $100, saving $3. Thanks!

    174. I don’t host Super Bowl parties, so I would get back nothing ヅ *Thanks* for the giveaway!

    175. MK says

      I don’t usually host a party but we did go out and I would have saved $18!

    176. Michelle S. says

      I spend about $150 so I would save $9

    177. kim c says

      Usually spend a couple of hundred dollars on the spread. I imagine I would get a fair amount back by using the Blue Cash cards from American Express.

    178. joseph gersch jr says

      $100 wpuld save 3

    179. Dina says

      Usually spend about 200 and would save $10

    180. meredith says

      Ive never hosted a superbowl party – i usually bring a bag of chips or soda – so i wouldnt save much

    181. Hendy M says

      I normally spend around $75 and this year I would receive $3.79 back
      hendymartin1 at yahoo dot com

    182. michelle draveski says

      I spend about 250 so 15 bucks had I used American Express

    183. Donna George says

      I’d spend about 100 and get $6 back

    184. Catherine says

      We usually spend about $75 so I’d save $4.50.

    185. It comes up to around $5, but there wasn’t any Superbowl party this year.

    186. I normally spend about $130 so I’d save about $7.80

    187. Carolyn K says

      I only host very small parties, so usually around $50. But I’d still save $3 which isn’t bad!

    188. Tarri Christopher says

      I make all the food for my Super Bowl parties and spend about $100 (mostly ingredients and drinks). I save $3.

    189. Meg Loop says

      This is such an awesome giveaway. AmEx giftcards are one of the best gifts to give.

    190. Biki says

      I usually spend anywhere from ~$100 – 250 for a party, more if there’s more people

    191. misty sunrise says

      I spend around $150 – $200 So I could save around $15

      itsjustme62613 at

    192. anna pry says

      $0 for both because I dont spend $$ on the super bowl

    193. Mike S. says

      about $100 or so since I only run BYOB parties.

    194. saminder gumer says

      i spend 350-400 on a super bowl bash and would save around $22 with the blue cash card.

    195. Eileen says

      3ntered Coupon Cabins Old Navy giveaway!

    196. Tracy Juliano says

      I don’t throw Super Bowl parties.

    197. shawn says

      i don’t normally throw parties but I calculated a savings on $10

    198. Arlene Whitfield says

      We spend about $250 and would save about $3.70.

    199. icefairy says

      I normally spend under $100 so I’d save between $5-$6 with Blue Cash card.

    200. Tim Moss says

      I don’t have Super Bowl parties. I just want to win!

    201. Allison Lancaster says

      I usually spend about $130-150, so I’d save about $7 or so…

    202. Geoff K says

      I usually spend about $120 on the entire spread, so I’d save $7.20 I believe. Pretty good!

    203. Rob Hestar says

      I would save about 15.00! 🙂

    204. Kayte CookWatts says

      It varies. Sometimes we don’t even “celebrate” This year we went out to a bar instead so I just used the bar tab total.

    205. Sarah S. says

      I spend around $140 – $150 and would save about $8.

    206. Christina Skinner says

      I would probably spend about $75 which would give me $4.5o back.

    207. Holly Hennessy Swint says

      I do not have parties but would save $253 annually

    208. Holly Hennessy Swint says

      I am Holly Swint on Google + and had already added you to my circles but there is No Extra Info box for my account name 🙁

    209. Cassie says

      i’d save about $120

    210. Shirley says

      About $300. About $20 saved.

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    212. Mary Rodwicz says

      Wow!! what a fantastic idea!! Blue Cash !! Earning actual “real” cash back on all your purchases!!! Signing up now!!@alongcamary1 Mary

    213. Mary Rodwicz says

      I spent $200 so I would save $12 !! @alongcamemary1

    214. We usually spend quite a bit on superbowl parties for our community house so if I bought supplies like I usually do I think we would save about $25

    215. Kristi P says

      We don’t typically have a big party, but still spend about $50 on dinner and apps.

    216. christina moore says

      I usually spend about $100. just for my family

    217. Jennifer Gibson says

      Usually spend $250 a month so savings would be about $15.

    218. Kimberly says

      I spent around $90, so I would save about $5.00 🙂

    219. Julie B. says

      I probably spend about $50 at most for snack and such, and have everyone BYOB to cut down on costs,and I would save about $1.50 in cash back at 3% for supermarkets.

    220. Jeff Legg says

      Spend about $150, could have gotten $9 with the Blue Prefered card! thats like having one heck of a coupon!

    221. teressa oliver says

      Two hundred so that would be about 6 dollars back

    222. tamar says

      tam s. says:

      I spent about $350 or $400 this year. I’d probably get back a good % of that!!!!

    223. i spend about $250 and i would save $13

      • entered your giveaway as Daisy’s Reviews

    224. Kathleen Conner says

      I normally spend about 4100, and save about $6

    225. Gary Miller says

      Would love to win this!!!!

    226. kelley wood says

      i normally spend 100 🙂

    227. Alicia Zirjacks says

      I spend around 100 so I would save 6.00.

    228. SARAH OSWALD says

      we spent between 50-100 so i figured about $6.

    229. Debbie C says

      Depending on the number of guests, I usually spend $40 to $50.


    230. Holly Chernoff says

      I don’t host a super bowl party, but if I did I think I would save around $10

    231. Somaly Man says

      I have not yet hosted a Super Bowl party in the past but I hope to starting next season!

    232. Jaclyn Reynolds says

      I expect to spend around 130 and would save $30!

    233. Wendy says

      We didn’t have a party this year for health reasons… however, I normally spend around $40-50 and would save approx. $3.00.
      I also think I misunderstood the mandatory tweet so I tweeted a second time:!/ArtsyChaos/status/173631442109210625

    234. Jenny Ham says

      100.00 on the party 6.00 back

    235. sara wood says

      I usually spend between 100-200 for super bowl

    236. Melissa says

      I normally spend $300.00 I would save $43.00

    237. julie hawkins says

      I normally spend around $200, I calculated I would save $12

    238. Trisha W. says

      We don’t host a party, so we spend $0. =)

    239. Jude Skocki Kelly says

      about $150.00 so I used your calculations and could save $9.00

    240. Lean S says

      About 200 that would be 12 in cash back

    241. yes o boy i like to it

    242. yes i need it to go shoping

    243. yes you haveto ge it to me

    244. yes this is for me

    245. amanda joy says

      About $50 I think

    246. Kate Strycker says

      I can make a party be 25 bucks or 250 depending on the money I have to spend. The more spare money the more I’m willing to spend on food, decorations, and drinks!

    247. Ashley T. says

      I calculated I’d save $15

    248. debra p says

      $300 – so $18 – it’s a large party with my sister and brother-in-law

    249. on google+ – debra pearlstein (following)

    250. Desiree Dunbar says

      I calculate spending about $100.00 hosting a party.

    251. I usually only spend around $50 for my small group so my savings would be $3.00 but every bit of savings is a dollar you can use eles where, so thats great

    252. Kerri says

      I usually spend $125, so I would save $7.50.

    253. laurie says

      i usually spend &50 dollors

    254. Barbara Hunt says

      Thanks for the great contest!

    255. Darcy Novak says

      I would spend $250 (if not more) and save $15 (if not more)

    256. Rosey says

      We spent $84 on our Superbowl Spread and could have saved 5.04.

    257. Kenny F says

      I would save $100

    258. blue racer says

      google + heather stewart

    259. shirley pebbles says

      .00. I fI figured I’d spend about 130 and get back about 8.00. That’s what I tweeted.
      fb/ shirley greenawalt zolenski
      twitter,gfc,stumble/ daveshir2005
      google +/ shirley pebbles

    260. Lynde F says

      We ususally spend around $300 for about 16 couples. So, I would save $18–not bad!

    261. lisa l says