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Traveling with the family can be incredibly rewarding, but it can also be extremely challenging. We’ve learned to embrace technology during our trips and use it for more than just a digital babysitter. We found some fabulous Family Travel Tips on the Best Buy site that will help you enhance your next road trip or getaway with technology.

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Photo Scavenger Hunt:

I have been known to be a camera hound. I tend to upgrade often, but I cannot seem to let go of the “old”. This has come in handy on family trips.

It’s really a rather simple idea. Hand each child a tablet, iPod, or point and shoot digital camera and a list. The list is their scavenger hunt. The goal is the have the most items photographed from that list by the end of the trip. This gets the children to engage in their surrounding and take their eyes off their devices.

The list can be as simple or complicated as you want. Your list will vary depending on your destination, but here are some ideas to get you started for a visit outdoors:

  • something alive
  • something pink
  • something made of metal
  • something made of stone
  • something that breathes
  • something that moves
  • something that sleeps
  • something wet
  • something “out of place”
  • something beautiful
  • something scary
  • a bird in flight
  • an animal on the gound
  • a bee on a flower
  • a tree with red leaves
  • a cloud in the shape of “something”
  • a hole in something
  • something that is considered food
  • a hug
  • a bed
  • a home
  • a rainbow

This is also a fun idea to make into a Scavenger Hunt Bingo game. Quickly write out a Bingo chart or Google it and download a free printable from online and have the children fill in their spots before leaving. It makes your nature hike, treck or camping trip even more fun.


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