Philips Avent Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump Review | Manual Pump #GIVEAWAY

Philips Avent Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump

Looking for a breast  pump can have me lost in a unfamiliar world. Not sure what to look for, what I want and don’t want in a pump can confuse anyone. All I know is I had a pump that I used with my son and it wasn’t the most comfortable contraption to use… there wasn’t much choice in suction and I wasn’t overly happy with it.

Philips Avent convinced me they had the perfect pump for me and sent their Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump to review.  First thing I noticed when I removed it from the box was how compact and slick it looked. The pump comes with a great travel bag to store everything you will need in it to keep everything together right where you need it.

When I was looking at it online the eye catcher for me was the massage cushions on the pump. The more I looked into this pump the more excited I got to receive it. I loved that this pump has been designed with the comfort of moms in mind. I loved that it was designed to allow us to sit in a comfortable position, even a reclined position… no leaning forward and straining your back while pumping.

Once I had everything out of the box there seemed to be a lot of parts and pieces. Sitting down and going through the manual it didn’t take me long to understand what each piece is for, where it belongs and how if fits.

Plugging in the pump I was very curious if it was as loud as the pump I had used in the past. I turned it on and was excited to hear that this pump is incredibly quiet. I’m not going to have to worry about using in the middle of the night and waking anyone up.

It has several options for suction to make sure you are comfortable. You can start with a stimulation pumping to bring your milk down, this is a very rapid suction. Once your milk starts to flow you can choose from a low, medium, and deep suction with the push of a button. It’s very easy and smooth transition from one function to another to give you the most comfort possible.

The massage cushions, comfort petals, are just as they are made to seem online, made from a soft silicone. To me they feel like soft silicone bubbles. The massage cushions have a soft velvety texture that gives a warm feel to the skin for comfortable, gentle stimulation of your milk flow. During pumping, it gently mimics your baby’s suckling for natural let down and clinically proven effectiveness. The comfort level this creates is unreal… no more hard plastic that needs pressure to create a seal. There is no pressure needed to create the seal with the silicone massage cushions.

The whole pump is very lightweight and easy to take with you anywhere. This pump is available in manual or electric (single or double). The only thing I wish the double electric pump had was the option to be able to use batteries with it. The single pump gives you the option to use a plug in adapter or batteries.

All the parts are BPA free and made from Polypropylene and soft Silicone. Everything comes apart very easily for cleaning and sterilizing. I love the fact that the pump comes with sealing discs and covers so when it’s not in use it’s still staying clean for the next time it’s needed.

The pump is compatible with all Philips Avent bottles and storage containers so you can pump directly into the bottle. Using this option means there is no transferring your milk into a new bottle to give to your baby. Just screw on the Avent natural nipple and you can immediately bottle feed right after pumping or store in the refrigerator.

I was also sent The Philips Avent Natural Bottle 4oz . On the nipple of the bottle there are also the comfort petals, increasing the softness and flexibility without collapsing the nipple during sucking. The nipple is made out of a nice soft silicone to mimic mom’s real breast to make it easier to switch from bottle to breastfeeding. The top is a nice wide nipple to make it as ‘breast-like’ shaped as possible for easy to latch.

The advance anti-colic system consists of a twin valve that allows air into the bottle and not your baby’s tummy. Cleaning this bottle is very simple since there aren’t a lot of parts or crevasses to deal with. The Natural Bottle is available in both plastic or glass.

My overall thoughts on this pumping system is it now has me excited to be pumping for my baby! It’s made with mom’s comfort in mind and it truly does show in the simplicity and design of the pump.

Head over to and shop with confidence knowing you are getting a GREAT product that is as great as it is made out to look.

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Check out this short video on the manual version of this pump!


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    I really appreciate the massage cushions!

  2. Kristin Miller says

    Loved using the Avent bottles with my son. They were the only ones he would take at day care when I was not able to breastfeed him while at work.

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    i love the Humidity and temperature alert DECT baby monitor

  9. I have the Avent manual pump and have used it for 2 babies now. I also love their bottles and have only used those bottles with my two kids. I would LOVE to have this Avent electric pump! Other electric pumps look so big and bulky, and uncomfortable to use. After using the Avent manual, I know that this electric pump would be comfortable to use!

  10. Melanie Montgomery says

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  15. shannon oelrich says

    born in 1984

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    I like the Audio Monitors DECT baby monitor.

  17. Austin Baroudi says

    I like the Audio Monitors DECT baby monitor.

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    I like the Audio Monitors DECT baby monitor with the humidity and temperature alerts!

  19. Danielle says

    I like that their system is so interchangeable, so the pumps can be used with both the natural and original bottles, cups, storage system, etc.

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    There is no closer bond to creat with your baby than by breast feeding. I breast feed my first child and I will with my second!! I love this product line.

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    I would also love to get the Audio Monitors DECT baby monitor Humidity and temperature alert SCD535/00.
    Thanks for the giveaway! =)

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  55. Katy M says

    Their Digital Video Baby Monitor looks amazing! Thanks!

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  57. Philips AVENT Digital Video Baby Monitor. I love it would make a great gift.

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      I loved my avent with my daughter!

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    The shape of the nipples for the bottle they look more “natural”.

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    I would like their Avent SCD510/00 Dect Baby Monitor for our 3 week old grandson

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    I learned that: Extra care should be taken when buying unwrapped foods (e.g. cooked meats and prepared salads) as these foods can easily grow and carry germs.

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    I learned that the Avent brand was started in 1984.

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