Perfect for “Me” Time | Starbucks and The Bakery at Wal-Mart | Delicious Pairings #DeliciousPairings

Perfect for “Me” Time | Starbucks and The Bakery at Walmart

Mid December hit and I was eager for winter break to start so that all of my children would be home with me at the same time. It was magical, heartwarming and memorable for about five days… and then it began. The “I’m bored”, “She’s looking at me!”, “That’s MY toy!” comments began to flood the house. I took a look at the calendar and realized that for the first time ever… all of my children were out of school for almost three whole weeks. I’m not sure the reasoning for this but I am fairly certain the people that approved this do not have four children.

We made it through the break without choking each other or causing any major bodily harm. When the last child left for school I had actually imagined confetti and party horns, but there was a silence in the house that was almost deafening. I decided that the best way to handle this was to take a trip to Wal-Mart to re-stock the fridge and cabinets. While I was there I decided to pick up a little something special for me to celebrate “me time”.

delicious pairings

I love Starbucks coffee and I especially enjoy it at home where I can brew it just the way I like it. So it’s no wonder the Starbucks display in the Wal-Mart Bakery caught my eye.

delicious pairings

One of the features of the display that I appreciated was the notes on complimentary flavors to go with the different roasts. I love a good dark roast but did not realize that it went well with not only milk and dark chocolate, but with roasted nuts, caramelized sugar and roasted vegetables as well.

delicious pairings

I decided to try my hand at a new blend and chose the Café Verona. The scent that drifted from the bag was almost irresistible so I knew I was in for a treat when I got home. Now it was time to choose a treat to pair it with. I had heard fabulous things about Wal-Mart’s turtle brownies and their cream cheese brownies but after a short search for them I was informed by an employee that they were sold out of them.

Now what?

delicious pairings

The selection in the bakery was large enough to make me fairly indecisive… at one point I had three items in my basket. After much deliberation I made my choice, finished my shopping and headed home with sweet anticipation of a fabulous chocolate pairing.

delicious pairings

I started the coffee pot and went to work putting all of my items away… all the while enjoying the scents filling my kitchen.

delicious pairings

I have to tell you… I was not disappointed in the least. The rich full bodied flavor from the coffee sent a wave of relaxation through my body as I let out a contented sigh. My gaze shifted to the brownie that had been talking to me from the package all the way home. My expectations were high and I was not let down. The brownie was denser than I make at home (my family jokes that mine should be called cake), but it was not overly chewy or crunchy. The fudge frosting is what made it for me, though. As a wave of chocolate pleasure tickled my taste buds I remembered the pairings sign and wondered how the brownie would taste chased by a sip of the Café Verona. I took another bite and then a sip. It was crazy how the flavors complimented and melded… definitely a perfect pairing.

This “me time” I was enjoying is actually a rare occurrence in my house. Ethan is still at home with me all day and although he is a very good boy, it’s not often I find myself all alone. As much as I love every single one of my children, taking a few minutes for yourself every once in a while is a must. The pairing of Starbucks and a sweet treat from the Wal-Mart bakery is perfect for “me time”. The kids won’t mind helping out with the left-overs either *wink*.

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  1. Lisa says

    OH MY GOSH, I want to reach through the screen for that brownie OMG!!!! And I happen to ADORE Caffe Verona, so tasty, isn’t’ it? But I had NO idea until now that it paired well with chocolate, yesssss!

  2. Sarah L says

    That’s a pairing I could really go for. Can I have whipped cream on that, please?

  3. That’s a pairing I would like to try soon 🙂 *drools*

  4. This is a great post! Everything looks delicious!

  5. Man that brownie looks awesome! What a great combo! Now about finding that “me time.” 😉

  6. Carole Ingram says

    I’ve always found Starbucks coffee to be too strong for me…. perhaps making it from home would be better 🙂 I don’t shop Walmart anymore as I get better produce and deals at Kroger but every now and then, I love to go to Walmart’s Deli and Bakery, they do have some pretty good baked goods there.

  7. Looks wonderful and sounds wonderful! And I don’t even like coffee. LOL Maybe I will have a cold glass of milk a long with the brownie. Wish I did like coffee, I am sure I would love Starbucks if I did. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Gina Brickell says

    Now, that’s how I like spending ME TIME too!! Their iced brownies are heaven and I love Starbucks coffee too!! Maybe next time I’ll come join you 🙂

  9. I, too ,was surprised at how well the flavors complimented one another!!

  10. Oh my goodness that brownie looks amazing! I am going to have to check out the Starbucks display at Walmart tomorrow morning.

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