Peeps For Valentines Day

Peeps For Valentines Day


I have always thought of Peeps as those little yellow marshmallow chicks that come out at Easter time.

Well, not anymore!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, I received an assortment of fun and delicious Valentine’s Peeps. I was excited to see that they were not just different shapes and colors, but different flavors as well. I got to try chocolate mousse bears, strawberry creme chicks dipped in chocolate, vanilla creme hearts, strawberry creme hearts, and heart shaped chocolate covered raspberry marshmallows. There were also some pink hearts in the original peeps flavor and some sugar-free pink hearts. All of these flavors are also gluten free.

I had help with the testing part from my family. We had differing opinions on which flavor was the best, and enjoyed getting to sample them all.


My personal favorite was the Chocolate covered raspberry hearts. The are available in both dark and milk chocolate. Just the right mix of chocolate and the raspberry flavored marshmallow in the middle. These Peeps come individually packaged as one 1oz heart. The perfect fix for a sweet craving.


Next was the Chocolate Mousse flavored Marshmallow Bears. These come packaged in a 2 3/8oz package containing six little bears. The bears are joined together at the paws in two rows of 3 bears. Right away when we opened the package, I could smell the chocolate. They are coated in a brown colored sugar and each has a pair of eyes and a nose. Could definitely taste both the chocolate and the marshmallow.


My five-year-old loved the Strawberry Creme dipped in Dark Chocolate. These are the classic chick shape, but have a great strawberry flavor. They didn’t stop there though. The bottoms of these chicks are dipped in chocolate. After all, nothing says Valentine’s better than chocolate dipped strawberries! These come packaged in 1.5oz packs with three individual chicks inside.


My son is not a chocolate fan, but loved the Strawberry Creme hearts. These hearts come in a 3oz pack with 9 hearts inside. They are joined together 3 in a row. These Peeps are a nice dark pink and have a distinct strawberry scent and flavor.


My youngest loved the Vanilla Creme hearts.  These are white marshmallows with a white sugary coating mixed with red flecks.  They taste a lot like a vanilla cupcake, yum!  These also come packaged with 9 hearts in the 3oz pack like the Strawberry Creme hearts.


Can’t forget the pink Peeps Marshmallow Hearts. They are a brighter pink and larger than the Strawberry Creme Peeps. They taste like the classic yellow Easter Peeps, so soft and sweet. The 3 3/8oz packs contain 6 hearts.


I also had the opportunity to try Sugar-free Marshmallow Hearts. These come in 1oz packs with 3 hearts joined together. They have a different texture than the other Peeps, but a similar taste and smell. I was not aware that Peeps made a sugar-free variety. It’s a great option.


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, and so many varieties to choose from, you will be sure to find a Peeps treat for everyone on your list. If you want to take it even further, visit for recipes, decorating ideas and more.

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  1. Sarah L says

    Bleh! Don’t like Easter peeps. Don’t like Valentine peep. Not at all.

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