Pedaling Your Way Across The Big Apple

Pedaling Your Way Across The Big Apple

The Cycling Enthusiasts’ New York

There are a lot of things you can do with a bicycle which give it versatility. For example, bikes aren’t just modes of conveyance. Usually cycling enthusiasts are passionate, and like to work together for the edification of many—this is why there are regularly bicycle-based charity events. Cycling also benefits children and teenagers. Not only do they get the physical exercise that’s so important, but they also form discipline, focus and navigation skills.

Cycling enthusiasts like to exercise while feeling the wind in their hair and being free to travel where they desire. There’s something about cycling which gives riders greater autonomy than almost any other form of travel. Granted, it’s not so good for hauling equipment around, but it is cost-effective and edifying.

One thing many travelers have a gripe about when they go on vacation is the lack of available bicycles. One other thing many people don’t take into account is the cost-effectiveness, convenience, and entertainment value which comes from renting a bicycle.

Something even more interesting in this regard pertains to big-city bicycle tours. Just because you’re in New York, for instance, doesn’t mean you’re without the ability to rent a bike and see some sights. Plus you’ll get great exercise, and you will likely get to many places in New York on a bicycle faster than by car, taxi, train, or foot.

Guided Bicycle Tours

Is visiting the Central Park on top of your must-see list? You can book Central Park bicycle tours which will allow you to see more parts of the most famous park as well as its hidden treasures. A guided bike tour can take you around the entire park in less than an hour, and in a little more time you can really enjoy this iconic place. Central Park isn’t just a “getaway” from the urban sprawl that is New York, it is in its own right an American destination. Biking through is a great way to see it all.

If you’ve never been to Central Park, but you have been to New York, shame on you. This well-manicured urban garden features beautiful trees, carefully kept grasses, fine bridges, and regular entertainment. There are usually events going on, and there’s something for everyone in Central Park.

The Village

You’ll also find areas like the Village are ample fodder for a bicycling tour. Now, some bicycling tours won’t take you to the places you’d prefer—though most will. That’s why tours can be arranged for individuals or entire groups, as it turns out.

There are certain areas in New York where, if you’ve got a bike, you can get to quick. The Village is one of those areas that really benefit from a guided bike tour. You’ve got shops, entertainment, nightlife, day life, and all the crazy characters you can imagine; all in one place.


Another great place to go on a guided bike tour is Brooklyn. A city of its own until 1898, Brooklyn has some historic locations and some interesting biking experiences in store for the adventurous traveler.

You may find New York law pertaining to cycling to be different than you would have expected; but provided you pay attention, you will likely enjoy yourself.

While you can certainly bring your own bike and travel at will through the city, if you’re not a native you may end up stumbling into a bad neighborhood and finding things missing from your bike when you return—like tires. You want to have the advantage of local expertise when you can get it to avoid situations of this kind.

That said, if you do a little homework and prepare your travel accordingly, you may get to know New York better than you thought possible in just a few short days while simultaneously exercising yourself and broadening your horizons.

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