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PeakFection Guacamole and Salsa
Samples received. All opinions are my own.


Our family is continuing our focus on healthier eating this year, which means finding good snacking options our children will actually eat.


We were sent a fun PeakFection sampling kit full of goodies for a good old fashioned family movie night, along with some not so “old fashioned” ideas.. like guacamole and salsa.


NEW PeakFection™ guacamole and salsa is made for parents like you and me.

I want my children to enjoy their food… I want it as fresh as possible… I want it to be as natural as possible.

So while I do offer a few of the “essential” movie goodies, I also offer the healthier options also. Amazingly they often reach for those first!


So how does PeakFection stay so fresh?

PeakFection uses a special cold water, high-pressure processing technology that holds PeakFection at the peak of perfection… so it stays fresh a whole lot longer.

It’s ready for any meal, any time.


PeakFection comes in a variety of flavors:

o   5 Salsas (red in three spice levels, roasted in two spice levels)

o   2 Guacamoles (traditional and spicy)

I simply love that it adds freshness and flavor anywhere, anytime. So no matter how crazy your day may be, you’ve always got a fresh and delicious solution right by your side.

So many uses!

I used it as a dip for our movie night, but guacamole and salsa can be used for so much more!


  • It’s great as a dip or as an ingredient to add flavor to your everyday recipes
  • As a topping for burgers or hot dogs
  • Add to your favorite chicken, tuna or egg salad recipe
  • As a healthy substitute for mayo on sandwiches


  • To spice up chicken leftovers
  • As an addition to your favorite chicken, tuna or egg salad recipe
  • As a zesty alternative to ketchup


After our movie night depleted our stock I went on a search for PeakFection. I found mine in the deli department of our local Dillons/Kroger but it can also be found at your local Gerbes.

Picking up several packages is not a risky move because the guacamole and salsa disappeared faster than I could go back for seconds.

What are some of your favorite uses for guacamole and salsa? Share them below!


  1. shelly peterson says

    These both look really good. I love Mexican food so I really enjoy salsa and guacamole. guacamole is really good on a burger.

  2. Sarah L says

    I’ve not heard of this brand before. Love salsa and guac so I’ll see about finding these.

  3. Karen Glatt says

    I would love to try the Peakfection guacamole and salsa. I make my yummy nachos and always use salsa and guacamole. We have my Nachos every year on Super Bowl Sunday!

  4. I have never heard of this brand but like the idea of having fresh guacamole and salsa on hand for tacos, nachos, and of course, for snacking during our favorite sporting events.

  5. Eva F. says

    We really enjoy the Peakfection salsa. My granddaughter thinks it is the best salsa ever. How do we get the sample kit that is pictured?

  6. Beverly Lents says

    We really enjoy the Peakfection Salsa. My granddaughter thinks it is the best salsa ever. How do we get the sample kit that is pictured above.

  7. Mike ball says

    Kroger store in ohio no longer has the salsa and will not tell me why. I do not like the salsa choices they now offer. I have looked at the other stores and no luck. I hope Peak fection salsa will be available in my columbus , ohio area.

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