Pandemic Situation Affecting Your Child’s Mental Health

The last year showed us the rare – lockdowns, work-from-home, social isolation – we’ve been through it all. Fortunately, things have normalized now, and life seems slowly getting back on track. However, with the threat of a new coronavirus variant almost every day, we are not living life as we were before. Most of us are still stuck at home and trying to fulfill our professional and personal responsibilities from within the four walls of our homes. Similar to virtual working, education has also gone online. Children are skipping school and pursuing online classes. Well, while we adults are somehow coping up with this social abstinence, the naïve minds of children seem not dealing with this stifling situation well. Some of them are getting prone to mental health issues like anxiety, depression, and the likes. 

But before you start fretting, let us tell you that this can be prevented by taking certain measures.

What are those? Let’s have a look.

Keep Them Busy

Only because you are continuously engrossed in those back-to-back zoom meetings does not mean you can leave your kid hanging. Once your kid gets free from his online session, encourage them to participate in leisure activities, play, paint and do whatever they feel like. For this, bring home all the items and stationery they need to have fun with. One great idea is to bring home Lucky Bobbleheads. It will keep him engaged for hours while you finish your shift.

Connect With Nature

While we know the unpredictability of these times and do not encourage taking your little one out unless necessary. However, a short walk in the park after your work hours will be highly beneficial for your child’s mental health. Fresh air, lush greenery, colorful swings will boost your little champ’s mood at an instant, and they will get back home rejuvenated. 

Vouch for a Healthy Diet 

Adults can still cope with erratic schedules and skipped lunches – a regular occurrence these days – not children. Kids, especially toddlers and preschoolers, tend to get cranky when hungry. It is suggested for new mothers to chalk out a daily meal plan for your child so that he is well-fed all the time. Not just this, since we are talking about children’s mental health, a wholesome diet plays a major role in sustaining that. So, include fresh fruits, green veggies, and fish as they are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids to keep the sanity of your child intact. 

Maintain a Stern Sleep Schedule

As stated above, exhaustion can affect a child’s performance. Allow your child to sleep well by letting them follow a pattern. For this, wake them up at the same time daily and encourage them to sleep on a certain PM as well. This will not only be beneficial for them now but also help them get out of bed as and when the schools go regular. Remember, a well-slept mind is a sharp mind no matter the age, so sleep well and allow your kid to do the same.


Life is unpredictable, so are these times. While we have won a large part of the war by getting ourselves vaccinated and following all the guidelines given by the government, there are battles to be conquered at the home front. Our little ones are impacted by everything surrounding us right now, and it is our responsibility to make them feel better. Following the above tips are sure to help you in this regard. Let us know how they fared for you in the comment section below. Know more about Pandemics and it’s history, check out

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