Great Unique Gifts for Mom and Dad

Thinking of what to get your mom and dad for their special day? How about getting them something that they’ll love and use often, instead of buying them another set of towels or another blanket? Finding the perfect gift for mom and dad can be challenging, especially if you want to give them something that they will actually appreciate. After all, it can be hard to find gifts for parents who have almost everything! However, there are … [Read more...]

Back-to-School with Gayo Azul® Win a Bicycle Contest!!

Across the U.S., kids are preparing for back-to-school, or are already back in the classroom, and parents are busy getting ready for another schoolyear. To celebrate, Gayo Azul® – famous Caribbean Hispanic cheesemaker with a Dutch influence – is launching its first annual Back-to-School with Gayo Azul® “Win a Bicycle” Contest, because what better way to start a new year of school than the chance to win a brand-new bicycle AND a $100 gift card to … [Read more...]

How to Drive Safely When You Have a New Baby: 4 Important Tips

Driving a car can be a struggle in safety even when you are single and carefree, but whenever you have a child, the world and the world of driving get to be a lot more dangerous. If you have a new baby, then you are more motivated to keep yourself safe from crashing and keep your car safe on the road than ever.  (Source: Unsplash)  While the basic rules of road safety still apply, there are some baby specific tips and tricks that will help … [Read more...]

Can a Child Suffer a Slip and Fall Injury? Yes, and Here’s What to Do About It

We often think of our children as pretty resilient, especially when it comes to slips and falls. But falls are the leading cause of nonfatal injury in children, making up 8,000 visits to the hospital each year. However, serious or life-threatening injuries from falls aren’t at all uncommon.  Image Source: Unsplash  What are the 5 Common Causes for Slip and Fall Accidents?  If you’re a parent or daycare center, it’s your duty to maintain … [Read more...]

Your Guide To Better Skin Health In Just A Few Weeks!

Your skin is the largest organ in your body, so it stands to reason you should do your best to keep it as healthy as possible. Some skin conditions can be a lot worse than others, possibly leading to other health concerns as well. But, for the most part, skin problems are more of an aesthetic issue. They don’t necessarily cause harm, but they can impact the way you look, which might damage your mental health.  Source (CC0 License) Of course, … [Read more...]

CBD Toner Guide by Loxa Beauty

CBD toner is very simple and effective. It is a great skincare product to use on a daily basis, primarily at night time. In terms of where it stands in our list of most effective CBD products, I’d say it’s up there. For us it doesn’t quite beat the gummies and they remain at the top but it’s certainly a good product to consider using. You can buy just cannabidiol gummies online in the same way you can with this toner. So if you decide this isn’t … [Read more...]

Why You Want an Unlimited Free Person Lookup Site

Most people feel like they know what they need in their daily lives. You might need a vehicle to drive to work. You probably want a smartphone to communicate with friends and relatives. The average individual might not feel like they need an unlimited, free person lookup site they can use to find out about people. However, many people need precisely that. In this article, we’ll talk about some reasons why you might utilize one of these … [Read more...]

Different Types Of Rewarding Jobs To Consider

Most likely, if you're looking for a new job, you have some prerequisites. Perhaps it's having a positive impact or a high level of job satisfaction or even a more creative job to use your creative side. Of course, earning a good living while simultaneously doing good for others would be excellent. Fortunately, there are many careers available that offer high levels of satisfaction and competitive income. Not to add, these are fulfilling … [Read more...]

Car Care Guide for Busy Moms

We know that every car owner strives to keep their vehicle in the best possible shape. Regardless if you are a first-time buyer who just bought your first car or a seasoned driver, you should know how vital it is to maintain your car.   However, we're well aware that being a mom, it can be pretty tough to keep a check on your ride regularly. Because, unlike guys, you need to look after your house as well! But don’t sweat it; The article … [Read more...]

Formula Feeding Guide 2022: 8 Common Struggles Parents Face With Newborns

When we think of feeding a baby, we picture the baby in our arms, looking up at us and finishing up a bottle peacefully. In reality, the scenario can be quite the opposite, in fact, formula-feeding a baby comes with its fair share of struggles for parents, to be honest.   Oftentimes, they’d refuse bottles, and unknowingly be unsettled even when you are offering them a top-up to soothe them. You know they’re hungry, but the fussing, … [Read more...]