Pack the Perfect Purse | From Diaper Bag to Purse | #PoisewithSAM #ad

Pack the Perfect Purse | From Diaper Bag to Purse

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I finally made it back into the world of most adult woman.

I started carrying a purse… again.

I have been carrying a diaper bag, or kids bag, for nearly 8 years.  It seemed strange to me to when I no longer needed a bag for diapers, wipes, toys, sippy cups, and my things.

I was left with “my things” and nowhere to stash them.

Yep, I tried my pockets. That worked for about a month then I got tired of the lumps and bumps when I sat down (it’s ok to laugh at me).

I won’t lie, I totally enjoyed my “bag free” month. Nothing to keep an eye on in the cart, nothing to forget in the car. Just pure nothing.


But, alas, I could not put everything I really wanted to carry with me into my pockets (and still move).

So, I purchased my trusted Bagalini and stuffed it to my heart’s content.

So here is a peek inside my purse. I tried to be efficient with my space, but yet still be prepared for life with 4 kids.

  1. smart phone: you have to stay connected, right?
  2. wallet: no money, no honey
  3. sunglasses: protect your eyes and prevent crows feet
  4. backup battery for phone: power is everything
  5. mints: coffee breath is not attractive
  6. first aid kit: kids get hurt, carry the basics
  7. hand sanitizer: grocery carts gross me out
  8. Poise pads: for life’s little leaks
  9. lotion: for dry hands and legs
  10. lip balm: to avoid chapped lips
  11. stain stick: because kids are just as messy at 5 & 7 as they were at 2 & 4
  12. pen: you always need one when you don’t have it
  13. coupons: if I don’t put them in my purse I’ll forget until I walk into the store
  14. keys: cars don’t drive themselves!
  15. tissue: if it’s not their nose it’s mine
  16. hair pick or brush: even a beautiful pony tail can look like a rats nest after 10 minutes
  17. ibuprofen (missing from picture): for extended shopping trips with kids
  18. snack (missing from picture): in case you need a pick me up until you get home

This list usually has me covered for just about every occasion. From person oopsies to kid’s mishaps.

Do you have something to add that is a purse “must have”?



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  1. Birdiebee says

    You have almost everything I have but a few more in my purse are: purse-size flashlight, sewing kit, manicure kit and eyeglass repair kit.

  2. Janet W. says

    I’ll have to pick up my free sample, too. Thanks! You carry just about everything I carry in my purse. I’m always prepared for anything!

  3. Rebecca Parsons says

    I always have a nail file in my purse too. I pretty much have everything on that list!

  4. Our purse must haves seem very similar. I also include a few feminine care items for those surprise early or late monthly moments.

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