Outdoor Movie Night | Easy Setup for an Evening of Fun

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When I heard Bambi was being re-released it brought back many memories… both from my own childhood and from my older two as well. Emma and Ethan have yet to see this classic movie and so I wanted to make it a fun night for them.

The steps I took for a driveway viewing were fairly simple. My DVD/Blu-Ray came with a digital code. After entering that on the Disney Movies Anywhere site it was ready to watch via streaming from any of my devices.

It’s a good idea to start the setup process a few hours before just in case you run into a snag like we did.

My son did a quick audio check with our portable speaker. This turned into an impromptu afternoon jam session while we got ready (bring on the fun!).

I went to work figuring out the cord situation with our projector. The original plan was to stream from my phone, but the cord ordered to fit my phone actually didn’t fit… so plan B went into affect and I charged up the laptop.

My husband set up a table outside for me to assemble our laptop/projector/speaker trio which went smoothly because we figured out the kinks inside a couple hours beforehand.

A movie viewing just isn’t a movie viewing without lots of popcorn, but our neighborhood crew requested pizza as well. Ordering them square cut helped make sure everyone got a couple of pieces of the one they wanted and eliminated those left over half eaten pieces that always make me so sad.

The last thing to do was wait for it to get dark enough to see!! The kids dug in while waiting for the sun to set.

Our original plan was to project onto a sheet on the garage (photo above). This worked well, but part of the movie was “hanging off” the sheet. Once it was darker we took the sheet down and the movie was easily viewable on our tan colored garage door.

The kids had an amazing time and their attention span seemed to hold because of the atmosphere. We’ve decided this activity needs to happen again before it gets too warm outside… it wasn’t a headache to set up and everyone had fun!

Here’s another fun activity to integrate with your Bambi viewing.

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  1. Laura says

    What a cool idea for a beautiful summer night … will have to try this myself!

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