Ones&Twos Cloth diapers

I’m on my second child with cloth diapers and the more I use them the more I love them. I have tried a LOT of different brands of cloth diapers over the many years yet had not tried the Ones&Twos. I have seen them around a lot and was excited to get the chance to review the Ones&Twos cloth diapers.

Ones&Twos Cloth diapers sent me  2 Ones&Twos diapers to try; a red and a green with a bamboo booster. Both diapers are an all in one (AiO) diaper that I would call a “true” AiO as the microfiber soaker pad is sewn right into the diaper.

AiO inside
Each diaper also comes with an additional microfiber soaker pad with on side having a stay dry layer. This extra soaker pad can be laid on top and tucked into the pocket to give you extra protection and absorbency for heavy wetters and night times.

I personally find wthat AiOs take longer to dry… all my other diapers will be dry except my AiOs. However you don’t have to stuff a AiO as a pocket diaper or find and sort inserts after coming out of the laundry which I like, so it is a personal preference.

Grows with your child
The Ones&Twos are a One Size (OS) diaper which means it will grow with your baby. From new born up to potty training. There are 4 different size settings to find the right fit for your baby. My son is about 23lbs and I use the diaper fully unsnapped.

Velcro tabs
The diaper is only available with velcro. Fortunately there are laundry tabs on the wings for when it’s laundry time to prevent diapers sticking together and getting tangled.

As these are velcro they are the go to for my husband as they are extremely fast and easy to put on and do up on a squirmy baby.

For smaller babies the velcro tabs are cross over to make for a smaller fit.

The leg elastics are VERY tight so on the smallest setting the leg hole does get very small, where on my chunky monkey it is a little on the tighter side around his legs.

Trim Leg fit
Ones&Twos has created a very trim fitting diaper. As you can see in the picture you can see on my sons legs there is still the elastic marks from where his previous diaper sat. It’s a very narrow diaper between the legs. It’s nice to have a trimmer cloth diaper that you can fit under jeans.

Trim fitting
Overall I would say that I have been happy with the Ones&Twos cloth diapers. They fit my little man nice and trim allowing him to fit into some pants that he can’t wear with other cloth diapers.

We haven’t had any problems with leaks, and will continue to use the Ones&Twos in our cloth diaper rotation.

I find that these diapers are very affordable priced. Head over to and check out the many colors to choose from.


  1. When my kids were little, they didn’t have great cloth diapering options like this. I think this is a really smart parenting choice!

  2. Karen Glatt says

    These are such cute diapers. I like the color and my sister needs to get some of these for my nephew. They look comfortable and a good cloth diaper.

  3. Nicole Dz says

    I love that there are 4 different size settings and I personally love the Velcro. It’s much easier for me too and fast.

  4. I don’t know much about cloth diapers but they look so much more comfortable than disposables. I think the velcro closure is especially great!

  5. shelly peterson says

    I have never used cloth diapers before. They sure have changed through the years. My niece plans to use cloth diapers I will have to let her know about these.

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