One of those days… already!


It’s been one of those days… already. Actually, it’s been one of those weeks! Emma & Ethan have hit a phase. Everything Emma does… she does to irritate Ethan, to make him mad, basically to make him cry or get him in trouble (and then she stands there and grins) . And boy does he cry! This morning was no exception.

Emma screams “NO! Ethan!”

Ethan cries… and cries… and cries…. and cries.

The crying finally stops, and then they start to play nicely together. I get 5 minutes of peace and then I hear Emma… “That’s MINE Ethan!”…

and Ethan cries… and cries… and cries.

Emma wonders why Ethan pulled a chunk out of her hair on Monday (yes really… a nice big CHUNK)?

No wonder he spent an hour and a half in time out because he kept refusing to say sorry. We finally think he’s going to give her a hug and instead of a hug he gives Emma a good smack in the face and runs.

Emma is surprised when Ethan pushes her down to the ground and walks away?

When will we get to the part when they are best friends? Does it ever happen? They are 21 months apart. I understand the sibling rivalry I guess. But geez? Can’t a mom get a break?

Needless to say, the last crying session landed Ethan in bed for a nap… 2 hours early.




  1. alissa4illustration says

    I hear you. We actually had to take our older kid's door off the hinges because he kept slamming his door to get his brother out of his room. We talked and warned several times. It was the last straw when our youngest got his fingers literally slammed in the door. 🙁 He hasn't had a door since last spring.

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