Search and Buy “On In Beauty” iPad Mini #GIVEAWAY | ends 8/25

On In Beauty iPad Mini #GIVEAWAY Event | ends 8/25
With four kids ranging in age from five through twenty-one, I need all the beauty help I can get.  I’d love to roll back the clock and bring back the tone and texture of younger looking skin from my twenties. Now I can with the new On In Beauty Beauty System. On In Beauty is a revolutionary new skincare system consisting of a nourishing topical cream and a naturally sourced dietary supplement that works on the outside and inside.

On In Beauty is clinically proven to improve skin hydration, elasticity and UV protection in just 2 weeks.  It uses lutein, a natural antioxidant, sourced from marigolds which achieves fast absorption into skin cells to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.
Take a peek at the Beauty Breakthrough

Reduce photochemical damage from the harsh summer rays with clinically proven skin care working ON your skin and IN your skin.  On In Beauty is now available at select Vitamin World stores.  Not all stores carry On In Beauty yet.  However, check out our search and buy contest below for your chance to win an iPad mini!  Simply click here to find your local Vitamin World Store and let us know in the entry form below if you purchase On In Beauty at Vitamin World as you will gain 10 bonus entries to the contest. 

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We are excited to join The Freebie Junkie and bring you this great event sponsored by On In Beauty!
ipad min

One lucky winner will be chosen at random from all valid entries to receive a 16GB iPad Mini (Wi-Fi) valued at $329!  Complete the tasks on the Rafflecopter form below.  All entrants must complete the mandatory entry to be eligible to win!  Good Luck!

Open to US residents only
Giveaway Ends Sunday August 25th @ 11:59pm EST


  1. Stephanie says

    This is a great give away! I’d be excited to win!

  2. Maria Malaveci says

    I try and defy the aging process by taking great care of my skin and eating healthy!

  3. Pamela Halligan says

    I defy the aging process by wearing sunscreen everyday and using an anti-aging night cream.

  4. Carla Flaig says

    Would love this!!!

  5. kelly says

    Wearing sunscreen and staying hydrated

  6. Hi! I just started to put on cream at night, but honestly, other than that I don’t know what to do… though I really need to start something since I’m 33 🙂

  7. polly says

    I always washed my face at night and always use a moisturizer everyday

  8. Lisa B. says

    I try to eat well and use sunscreen!

  9. Karen Lynch says

    Applying sunscreen, using AHA, and moisturizing.

  10. Margaret Smith says

    I use a daily spf moisturizer and try to drink lots of water.

  11. try and watch my diet drink a lot of water and try to get enough rest

  12. Cynthia C says

    I use sunscreen and moisturizers to defy aging.

  13. kim says

    Good genes, stay out of the sun, lots of water, excercise, sunscreen

  14. Suzanne K says

    I’m defying the aging process by exercising and getting (back) in shape! I’m also eating much better and drinking more water.

  15. Geoff K says

    I try to defy aging by getting at least an hour of cardio a day, not eating anything greasy or fatty, avoiding alcohol, and staying hydrated and well-rested most days.

  16. Stephanie Larison says

    Use sunscreen any time you go outside. It’s so important to protect your skin.

  17. Great site with amazing information, especially the recipes.

  18. Roxann says

    I eat healthy, stay hydrated and exercise.

  19. Jean says

    I wear high SPF sunscreen every day and use a good C serum!

  20. Crystal W says

    I’m a sucker for a new serum or moisturizer. I use and love Lancome’s Genifique and I also use Philosophy products. Keeping your skin moisturized is the key (my grandmother used to use olive oil and her skin looked great..I can’t get over the smell or I’d use it!)

  21. Daniel M says

    drink lots of water and moisturize

  22. I use coconut oil on my skin. No nasty chemicals please.

  23. Janice Cooper says

    Applying moisturizer and cleanser daily along with drinking plenty of water and taking vitamins daily.

  24. I wear a hat almost every day, and I use a daily moisturizer with SPF

  25. James says

    Went veggie as a teen. People still think I look 10 years younger which is awesome. 🙂

  26. rebecca shockley says

    Don’t look in the mirror, very serious too!

  27. Julie says

    I wear sunscreen everyday and a hat..I also put a lot of lotion on :)and drink water

  28. I need a new routine! Mine has gotten tired and it no longer gives me the glow I want!

  29. Selene M. says

    I keep my mind thinking young.

  30. Jill H. says

    I just moved to a dryer climate, and a little extra skincare would do me good!

  31. Wanda McHenry says

    I stay out of the sun!

  32. ashley says

    I use lots of anti aging products!

  33. Megan C says

    I’m trying to defy the aging process with moisturizer and wishful thinking, LOL! Spoiler alert: It’s not working.

  34. Noel says

    I try to defy aging by laughing a lot! In my opinion nothing is better than having a great laugh with your closest friends…personally, laughter makes me energized, happy and melts away the stress.

    As for beauty and health, I always wash my face and wear moisturizer and sunscreen. I also try to eat healthy foods and exercise at least 6 times a week. Aging may be a process we all try to avoid but we can make it a little easier on ourselves by enjoying life while doing our best to age gracefully in happy and healthy ways. 🙂

  35. I try to defy the aging process by using sunscreen every single day and keeping my stress levels down.

  36. Meg Harmer says

    I try to defy and prevent visible aging by drinking a ton of water and using a toner and wearing SPF every single day!

  37. Lily Kwan says

    I try to eat a healthy diet.

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