Olive Oil Taste Testing with Carapelli

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Several months ago I was on a mission. We had recently visited a local Italian restaurant and I wanted to duplicate their dip for their bread. Our family had devoured it and I wanted to surprise them. I bought the cheapest olive oil on the shelf and proceeded with my masterpiece. I learned the hard way…. there is olive oil and there is premium olive oil. The taste is the difference.

Imagine my reaction when Carapelli Olive Oil wanted me to taste test their Olive Oil. Not in a recipe… but they asked me to SIP their olive oil. I had an initial gagging reflex that scared the heck out of me. My first experience with olive oil left a bad taste in my mouth (literally).

I decided to consider it. I had heard excellent things about Carapelli Olive Oil… and it is of the premium variety. With it’s headquarters outside the beautiful city of Florence, they have been in the business of making olive oil since 1893 and they have been crowned Italy’s No. 1 Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Carapelli believes in quality premium olive oil so much, they instituted a quality certification program that meets and exceeds the extensive, strict quality specifications required in Europe and the United States… they still adhere to that standard today. Why? Because they want to provide their customers with consistent, premium quality Carapelli Olive Oil.

I finally worked up the nerve to taste the oil. Carapelli sent along some tips for the best taste testing experience. I decided that I had better follow the instructions so I wouldn’t experience reflexive gagging again.

Olive Oil Tasting – The Four S’s

Similar to tasting wine, there are a few quick steps to having the true olive oil tasting experience. Pour about a tablespoon of olive oil into your glass and gently warm it by covering the glass with one hand and holding the bowl of the glass in the other.

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Olive Oil Taste Testing Technique: Swirl, Sniff, Slurp and Swallow

1. Swirl – By swirling the olive oil in your glass, you release the oil’s esters, which are the molecules that contain the aroma.

2. Sniff – Now inhale deeply. The aroma is the key to the fruitiness of the oil. Is it intense or is it more subtle?

3. Slurp – Sip the oil while “sipping” in a bit of air. This slurping action emulsifies the oil and helps spread it

throughout your mouth. Take note of the various tastes and sensations. Is it fruity, peppery, smooth?

4. Swallow – Once you swallow the oil, it should leave your mouth with no aftertaste. Again, take note of

any peppery or stinging sensation in your throat.

Both my husband and I taste tested the olive oil and both of us were pleasantly surprised. Sniffing it we both experienced a very subtle scent. This eased my worries a little as I assumed that it wouldn’t taste terrible either. We then slurped with a bit of air and experienced a smooth taste that was actually quite pleasant. Once swallowed there was only a tiny bit of aftertaste, but it was good and made us both want french bread to dip in it. We are now olive oil converts.

Carapelli’s Master Tasters craft the exclusive blends of the best oils from the finest Mediterranean olive groves.

Today’s distinctive line of Carapelli Extra Virgin Olive Oils includes three varieties:

Premium 100% Italian – made solely from the first cold pressing of the finest 100% Italian olives

with an intense, robust flavor and aroma

Il Numerato – a supremely smooth and low acidity oil that is a result of a delicate cold pressing of olives

Organic – Obtained only from organically grown olives and produced according to organic farming 
standards; certified USDA organic

Taste it for yourself… I bet you will agree! Make sure to print your $1.00 OFF coupon at www.CarapelliUSA.com before you go.

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